10 years since I started working…

This day is somewhat special.

It marks my 10th working anniversary as exactly a decade back, I stepped into the world which everyone looks forward to during their studies but yet, many regularly complain once you are in it! Yes, sometimes, I do too, impatiently waiting for weekends or holidays, just like school kids! Well, I really would not have paid attention to this day if Facebook would not have reminded me early this morning. Once again, thanks Mark!

Unlike most events, I strangely still remember my first day in DCDM Consulting, now known as Agileum and I even wrote a blog post on that day! For those who don’t know, I usually use to say that I don’t even remember what I ate 2 days back and I really mean it! The stay at DCDMC was truly unique whereby I got the opportunity to do so many things and get along with so many people, and with even, my wife-to-be, at that point of time. Just imagine : any search engine results on the company brought my blog posts on the first page displayed, and most of the time, in the first position lol.

After spending four and a half extraordinary years spent in DCDMC, I bid my farewell in end 2011 and briefly stayed in another company for less than 2 weeks. I then took one month break during which I flew to China and Dubai before taking a new job at my current employer Canal + Contact (previously known as Mediacall) for the past five and a half years. I have been working in Port Louis for 99.9% of the last decade but this is going to change very soon with the relocation of my current office to Ebene. The scenery below going definitely to change this time!

From an associate software engineer to currently a Team Lead position, the journey has been long and enriching but worth every single day. With new technologies and methodologies constantly coming out, it is practically impossible to know them all but I truly know that there’s so more to learn, especially if you want to step out of your comfort zone someday.

Before ending this post, I heartily thank each one who has been part of this journey. And in a more serious note : those very few who have been hurt in any possible way, you probably needed it because I ALWAYS think twice before saying or taking any step 🙂


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