We tried KFC’s Double Down…

KFC Double Down - box

Officially launched today, billboards around the island can drive KFC fans crazy! The Double Down is KFC’s latest product on the local market, on sale in outlets as from yesterday itself.

Forget about the bread, the Double Down consists of two pieces of chicken filet, between which lie 2 slices of cheese and mayonnaise. All wrapped, just like the Box Master. If you love Zinger, you will like the Double Down too. But if you love hot wings (and the bones lol) for example, then the Double Down might disappoint you as it is only chicken meat.

KFC Double Down - Inside the wrap

KFC Double Down - In my hands

I grabbed mine firmly in my hands and finished it in only a few bites but if you have a smaller mouth, then you will need to bite smaller pieces. Obviously, I was able to “handle” it better than my wife, Dhaneesha. She took her Double Down out of the wrapping and ate a piece at a time.

KFC Double Down

Though I haven’t tasted their Zinger Zasar, I heard that it was a total flop, just like their Chicken Popcorn. Zinger and Zasar are two things which don’t go along well. The Double Down has better chances to become popular. As usual, it is far from what you see in the advert but nevertheless, it isn’t that small too. It can easily fill the stomach of most persons. At least, it satisfied my hunger.

The price tag of Rs150 is affordable, except that it double oily, too.

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