What can someone buy with Rs150?


With the Rs150 monthly compensation approved for employees of both public and private sector as from January 2016, I have the impression that the government thinks that population will henceforth be able to afford BMW X6 and Audi vehicles, just like those that several of them have acquired since they came into power, nearly a year ago.

When going through a hypermarket, here are a few items which families will be able add to their shopping cart :

Rs150 products

Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that with Rs150, you can’t even buy one of the most basic needs;

Rs150 milk products

In a few days, the new lepep government will be completing their first year in power. However, I think that the majority of the population is probably waiting eagerly for the next elections, from now itself! #devirermam!

14 thoughts on “What can someone buy with Rs150?

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  1. ene realité bien difficile pou avaler. Wa dir bisin arête boir dilai et boir zavel sa oci bisin atane ki li en promotion !


      1. well when there are expenses ,i presume that there is also profit and loss
        but however how can we explain that grand patron gagne gros cash et ti travailleur gagne ti cash


      2. so how do you explain that I studied hard also but i am not getting an adequate salary to live ,i am given only to survive


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