The day I nearly got conned by a guest writer Ross Campbell

Weeks back, I got a nicely written mail in which the writer briefly talks about his relocation to Mauritius since a year and according to him, this was a very good decision he made. In the same mail, he politely asks to write a guest post. I accepted right-away as this was definitely not like... Continue Reading →

Yashvinblogs Awards 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, Warm welcome to the most awaited Awards Ceremony of the Mauritian Web, the Yashvinblogs Awards 2014! Since several weeks, I was very enthusiast to host this third edition event which sounds encouraging, based on the good response for the past editions of 2012 and 2013! And with the general elections held a few weeks back, things got... Continue Reading →

Choosing your right candidate with a X

Elections in No8 will he held in exactly 1 month, as announced by the Prime Minister a few days ago.
However, in these elections, we always choose the candidate(s) by marking a X besides his/her name.
I ask myself, what can we expect from these people, since we cross them out on the voting sheet! 😛

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