2014 has been a good year!

Ho ho ho!

2014 is coming to an end in a few days. The festive mood can already be felt all over the island. Overcrowded shopping malls and streets, christmas trees, gifts, shopping, get-together, office end of year parties and of course, the race to choose the best songs of the year. It is a pity that “Viré mam” cannot be nominated. This said, each one of us should probably grab this as an opportunity to carefully analyse events and achievements during the past 12 months to see how things went on, what could have been done better and more importantly, how our mistakes can help us to improve in the future.

Overall, I have personally loved every moment of 2014. While some of these have been published on Facebook, like the birth of our son 3 months back, there are a few things which I have carefully chosen not to make public yet, except to some close friends and family members. 2014 has turned out to be rich of new pleasing experiences and challenges. I just hope that the weather won’t be a party pooper for the celebrations because unlike Mr Ramgolatus or Poisson Sounoucktus, most of us cannot afford a white xmas. Just sandy beaches!

To end this post, Dhaneesha and my son joins me to wish you a Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year 2015.

Thanks again for reading this blog 😉

Take care!

2 thoughts on “2014 has been a good year!

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  1. Happy to read that 2014 has seen major positive events in your life, notably the addition to the family. Happy days ahead for you and it looks like many positive changes coming for the country too. Wishing you and yours a very happy 2015.


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