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First of all, sorry for being “offline” these days, even on Facebook. Most of you probably already know the reason but no blog articles on the topic for the time being. Fortunately, I have a new guest writer; Rajni Lallah who wants to promote the Youtube channel of LALIT Mauritius. Without losing any further time, let’s move to what she wants to say. For those who might hesitate to spend some minutes watching their videos, I will just remind them of the superb Youtube video in which a member of LALIT Mauritius wonderfully explained the reasons why we should fear the new biometric identity card. That video went viral within hours and you can find it on my blog post here.

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Guest article:

Do you ask yourself what LALIT is up to?

You hear LALIT occasionally on radio, almost never on the government-controlled MBC, and once in a while in the newspapers. Yet last week, LALIT was the FIRST political party to have made public our programme. Not just a few points in our programme – a WHOLE programme describing our aims, strategy, analysis and demands that our actions are based on. We announced that we will put up at least one LALIT in every constituency on the island of Mauritius. There were many reporters present in the press conference, but we invite you to witness what was actually reported.

Please taken the time to click two news items to compare them:

Press conference video

Defimedia article

Link :

More about LALIT Mauritius

Yet, in the last 5 years, WE are the party to have

  • Consistently oppose the biometric ID card even before it got voted in Parliament: all parties in Parliament supported it in Parliament before we opposed it on the outside.
  • Consistently campaigned for an Alternative Political Economy in the face of the crisis affecting the traditional economic sectors: all traditional parties don’t have an alternative.
  • Won gains in social housing policy, for women’s rights, for more progressive education and language policies, against police brutality and repressive law.

We have done so as a result of political campaigns stretching over many years. Yet what you have just witnessed is the kind of treatment we get in the media. And this is not only for the coming elections, but for past elections too.

In response, we have opened our own channel with short videos to introduce points in our political programme:

Click here to watch the our channel on Youtube.

Lalit Mauritius Videos

We are counting on you, in the name of freedom of information and fairness, to assist us in promoting our channel so that people have a more balanced political choice in the coming elections. And of course, more in-depth articles can be found on our website:

We count on your support for freedom of information and fair elections,

Rajni Lallah

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