Crossing the motorway with his cycle over the fence


Good morning.

I took this shot around 0715hrs today and you probably know where already: Camp Chapelon, Pailles. Despite the metallic fence, people keep crossing the motorway and they do not hesitate to make holes in the fence! Authorities have failed to find ways to prevent people from crossing the motorway without using one of the the pedestrian flyover bridges available there.

In today’s shot, you can clearly see the guy pulling himself over the metallic fencing. With his cycle on the other side of the motorway, you can probably guess that his cycle went over the fence too. Too bad that I did not succeed in catching this precious moment. And he looks pretty relaxed to put his life as well as other road users at danger while he could have safely use the flyover bridge located just 5 metres from him!

Who cares anyway? Two speed cameras have been installed in this region to discourage people from speeding so that risks can be minimized while tolerating people crossing the motorway on foot.

Take care!

6 thoughts on “Crossing the motorway with his cycle over the fence

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  1. I wanna ah, I wanna uh, I wanna zig-zig-aah…!
    I want express the so many things that spring to my mind when seeing this that I prefer just to keep it all to myself: there’s so much to interpret from this athlete (yeah, I dare you all to climb this height. And repeat with a bike) that it’s somehow just much better to clap in admiration to one thing: at least someone who has the massive balls of tungsten-carbide to actually…
    show that bastard’s face in the open.
    Ah, it feels better now…

    Bonus Question: how far from the scene were you at the time of taking this picture, please? Were you travelling?


  2. It’s amazing what you can see on the fast lanes (of life)… Once while I was on the other side passing after the Reduit Fly Over just before the Filling Station I saw a Taxi that missed the exit and he drove backwards on the fast lane!


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