Political game frustrates youngsters


Morning everyone!

Today’s headlines on “News on Sunday” is short and clear but yet, says a lot. I just hope that the concerned persons get the message which we, youngsters, who are neither part of their “pti copains” network nor benefit from any of their privileges.

You can read my recent post on this topic here.


This said, I can already hear my colleagues shouting for some sweets since according to our belief : as long as someone’s picture is not published in a case of rape, thief or murder, it’s always a reason to celebrate lol.

Have a good day everyone and hope that this Friday 13 is lucky to all of you!


7 thoughts on “Political game frustrates youngsters

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  1. If they really wish to fight for the country, instead for looking for alliances. The three major parties have got enough candidates from their side each to go forward alone.

    If they make alliance, many other candidates will not get the chance to stand for the elections, why not give everyone the chance and let the population decide? So put maximum of candidates from each side and they go for the election.

    The one with the highest votes will take the government and in case there are not enough people, then they can go for a coalition if needed. At least all those people who are in the parliament have been chosen by the population.

    P.S. I am only saying this based on the assumption that the politicians AND the population do wish to do something for their country and not for themselves. 🙂


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