The power to surprise


Life is full of surprises. You are the one who hold the power to choose if they are gonna be good and memorable ones or not.

With these words, I hope that you like the new look which brings in some fresh new colors to the blog.

If you are using a mobile or a tablet to read the blog right now, it will be completely different from what is shown in the main picture above. For the non-geeks, we call this a “responsive” web design. Such designs optimize themselves to the different screen sizes by adapting themselves to show, hide or minimize some areas of the design layout. This has been the trend since quite some time now and even the previous blog design was as such. To be frank, I was kinda bored with the previous one that was on the blog since August 2013.

However, if anyone asks me which one was my favorite, I will definitely reply without any hesitation : the Arthemia theme which I slightly customized back in January 2009.

Thank you for being tuned to the blog!

See you soon!

4 thoughts on “The power to surprise

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  1. I am currently using Firefox on Linux Mint and I am having the “More” and the “Follow” columns both on the right. :/

    Ah the photo above is the home page. :p

    Did not notice that. ^^


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