Win up to Rs 25, 000 with a mesmerizing shot of Mauritius!

photo contest

Identical Pictures, a company based in La Croisette Grand Bay is holding a photo contest in order to gather the best pictures captured in our island. Once selected, these best pictures will be featuring in the first publication of a magazine, the “Cool Escapes Mauritius”.

Don’t have a ‘pro’ camera? It doesn’t matter!

There always has been a misconception that good photos can be shot only using big ‘pro’ cameras. Personally, i think that anyone, who considers himself a good photographer, should be able to compose good shots using the basic camera or even phone.

Keep this in mind : It’s not the camera. It’s all about the photographer. Being in the good place at the right moment can create wonders in terms of pictures captured. The composition of the pictures for the contest can be anything as long as it can be used to promote the best landscapes of our island.

How to participate?

You can submit the pictures by mailing them to Identical Pictures by latest 11:59pm of June 15, 2014. More details can be found on their web site. You should also ensure that the pictures meet all required criteria : For example, they must not be more than 3 years old. You can read the rest of the conditions on the same page.

Cash prizes

Yes, you read it right in the title. Here are the different cash prizes:

  1. Rs 25, 000
  2. Rs 15, 000
  3. Rs 10, 000

And something very motivating : Rs 1, 500 for all other selected pictures. So, you don’t really need to be among the top 3 to win some cash.

So, why not share that picture which you have taken during a family outing or road trip and which is not set as your desktop wallpaper ? It doesn’t cost anything anyway!

Share the word and good luck to everyone!

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