The free college tablets won’t have access to Facebook, among others

It’s now confirmed! No live updates on Facebook during school hours!

Bad news for college students eligible for the free tablets announced long time back as in this previous article. In a press article today, it has been announced that these free tablets won’t have access to certain web sites without any pedagogical usefulness or relevance, for example Facebook, at least, this is what has been announced. And we can guess that other social networking sites won’t be accessible too.

Initially targeted for distribution among Form 4 students last year, these Android powered tablets will finally be given to the current Form 5 students by the end of this month of March 2014.

Now let’s wait for some more time to give a verdict. Will these devices supplied by Mauritius Telecom altogether with the new pedagogical materials will be up to the expectation to contribute positively in our  educational system?

As usual, keep tuned to the blog because believe me, something big is coming up in a few days 🙂

9 thoughts on “The free college tablets won’t have access to Facebook, among others

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      1. super easy..gorvernment ine pense a tout..en plus sa pu create emploie pu bane pu create ene position “Tablet Monitor Officer” et met ene dimoune dan chaque college a travers maurice. zot role, c check chaque tablet bane eleve la dan lekol tous les jours..


  1. LOL! Seriously they are going to ban facebook from 16 years old kids! 😀 hahahahahah morons, those kids will defeat that protection on before 24 hrs of receiving it!

    all bets are opened!

    How can the government and specially those etards at the ICTA be so naiive?


    1. I like to think the same too. Kids are smart but depending on how the tablet is engineered and will be connected to the Internet, it is very possible to block access to Facebook or anything else.


  2. If the tablet allows
    – scanned versions of all their books/manuals to replace their heavy and cumbersome bags
    – notes to be wi-fi’ed/e-mailed from teacher to pupil to replace the need for pupils to pay for photocopies
    – classroom work and homework to be edited and published digitally by pupils for correction on the same digital format by the teachers
    – to replace reading books by e-versions
    – to replace the paper in any sort of way
    – to save time in any sort of way
    – to give students a medium to express their creativity (for example, the super-mega-top idea of programming by NFC tags)
    – making classrooms more fun, less boring and reducing absenteeism,

    then, I must agree that the tablet is in fact laudable, and deserves to be supported.

    Just remember that some decades ago, some chap questioned the presence of computers in a household. Imagine if he were right…


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