46th independence anniversary celebrations at Anjalay Stadium

Same Rs100,000 worth logo and theme as the previous year
Same Rs100,000 worth logo and theme as the previous year

Hello 🙂

It is sad to say that the Independence and Republic anniversary celebrations are kinda becoming boring with the same show over and over again. Nothing really new could be seen this evening. I don’t know if some of you might remember, but I miss those old days when the police force were doing real shows on their motorbikes.

As for the previous year, the flag raising ceremony and the cultural show was held again in the north at the “Anjalay Stadium”, Belle Vue. Those who follow me on Facebook have probably seen the pictures which I uploaded live from there.

As compared to last year, here are the key differences:

  • No crowd rushed to the stadium.
    Probably, less that 3/4 of the number of spectators as compared to last year.
  • A dog show
  • SMF now playing the bagpipes (corne muse)
  • No Emirate A380
  • No parachute landing
  • HEAVY rainfall
    Just after my arrival at 3 pm, I was completely drenched while walking to the stadium. All the seats were wet. In fact, the rain ruined everything. There was water everywhere as you can see in the first pictures. It was also very dangerous and I witnessed a girl slipping right there (and succeeded in capturing the “fall” with my camera). The heavy rainfall surprised all of those present (except those who were enjoying VVIP lounge and catering service). People were again drenched with nowhere to hide.
  • Another similarity : The same Rs100,000 worth logo and theme entitled “Ene Pei, Ene Nasion, Ene Destin”.

I left the stadium a few minutes before the end of the parade. I had no intention to stay to watch the “cultural” show (not even at home!) and probably a lot of people left too because of the rain.

Well, that’s all from me.


46 pictures have been uploaded below. Click on the arrows to navigate through them :


Happy 46th anniversary of Independence and 22nd anniversary of the Republic to the country and to the whole population!

Additionally, you can also view the post and pictures for 2013 (Anjalay Stadium), 2012 ( Champs de Mars) and 2010 (Champs de Mars).

6 thoughts on “46th independence anniversary celebrations at Anjalay Stadium

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  1. as soon as it started raining, i left. I was dumb enough to get a seat where there was no cover for rainfall… I could not get a clean shot where the sniffer dogs were participating in the demo….


  2. My children liked the LED lights show very much: LED’s in flutes, costumes, balls, drums, pretty much everything that can carry one!
    But all of the percussions and music aired during that evening were in playback mode: shame, shame…
    And the slouching, wide open crotch posture of the Malaysian special-guest minister was strange, to say the least…


  3. I don’t see the point of a cultural show that does not portrait our culture well enough. There were even things that are never to be seen here (circus anyone….)


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