Watch me grow !!!


It’s with immense pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome you on the blog on this very special day of mine, the 22th of March.

Like every year (200720082009201020112012 and 2013), I make it a must to spare some time to write or share something on my blog and today, I’m excited to introduce you to something completely new. Something which you probably have seen on the net but personally, I’m not aware if any other Mauritian did it until today.


My daily ageing project

Since the 27th February 2013, I have been clicking a selfie every morning. Easy job but you should really be motivated! Over the past year, I have shot only about 300 pictures because at some point of time, my tablet died and the project resumed only after I purchased my new smartphone.

The video

A tip: Try watching the video again and again while concentrating on the hairs (euh, what’s left) or the beard for example. And don’t forget to switch on your speakers! It’s more fun!

I’m really proud of the outcome (view above or on YouTube) and especially the first comments I received when I published a first version on Facebook for a small group of friends. Now that I have compiled all these pictures altogether in a short video, I have learnt quite a few things and tricks which should help me to pursue my daily ageing project. For example, I should avoid shooting the selfie with a lot of distracting objects or background. Also, I should ensure that my face is correctly exposed to brightness to produce better results. And keep smiling in all pictures 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed watching my video! If you liked the video, please share the post and follow me on Facebook. Keeping my fingers crossed so that I can continue this project for the more years to come.

Also big thanks to everyone for their wishes and making this day really special.


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