[Guest post] Krav Maga Seminars coming to Mauritius

Right everyone, for those of you who do not know anything about defensive tactics system, you will be interested to learn that Krav Maga is no nonsense, relaitic and a very effective training system which comes from Israel. The Mauritius Self Defense Federation has been appointed as the official and sole representative of Krav Maga within Mauritius.

Our goal as outlined by our Global Director Eyal Yanilov is to save lives and our mission is to be excellent.

The story behind Krav Maga?

For those of you who are not aware, Krav Maga was orginally developed by Imre Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Army. They needed something which was effective, realistic and that would not take years and years to learn. Imre ( or Sde ) as he is commonly known to Krav Maga Practitioners, used his boxing and wrestling background to set the foundations of Krav Maga. After he passed away, his mantle is now being assumed by Eyal Yanilov, the same one who created the civilian version of Krav Maga.

As such, we at Karv Maga Global, we are always looking for ways to improve and adapt the techniques so as to suit every one within society.

Why Krav Maga?


Let’s face it.

Around every street corner you walk you will always see signs such as Shokotan Karate ( Self Defense) or Taekwondo( Self Defense) etc etc. This was one of the first things that gets me really upset because unfortunately, these so called self defense experts are a dime a dozen. They either know nothing or are totally ignorant of what self defense is all about.

Now don’t get me wrong here, if someone loves katas etc then by all means embrace the traditional training, but this is not the same as street fighting. Many of these techniques are unfortunately outdated, unsafe and if used againt an experienced attacker will simply create more problems instead of resolving the situation. I once witnessed a taekwondo instructor in Mauritius instructing his students about how to kick a knife  away from someone’s hands. That was absolutely shocking and utterly dangerous as well as plain stupid. What if that bloke had to handle someone schooled in kali?

Unfortunately there is a big gap in the market when it comes to self defense. I have had many requests from people who would like to know more about Krav Maga and I am writing this article, simply to educate people into the reality and the nastiness of street fights. Thugs are not going to be nice and you need to have the right training to fend them off.  I myself have been attacked twice by skin heads and thanks to my Krav Maga and Sayoc Kali background was able to fend them off .

Krav Maga unlike many other martial arts has been battle tested and what we show to civilians or law enforcement officials etc have been proven to work time and time again. Never ever trust your security in the hands of  those experts looking to make a quick buck because they do not understand the essence of self defense.

The seminar


We will be having our first official Krav Maga Seminars as from the 28th November to the 10th of December in various locations across the island, after which we will be launching official training by our Krav Maga Global approved instructors…

For those of you who would be interested here is a glimpse of what we will offer:

  1. Rape prevention.
  2. Fight basics, how to throw a punch to start with, combinations which can be effective.
  3. Defense against all kinds of kicks, coming from any directions.
  4. Defense against experienced attackers, esp those with a combative background.
  5. How to prioritize targets to inflict maximum damage.
  6. Defense against baseball bats.
  7. How to assess threats.
  8. Develop situational awareness.
  9. Defense against knife attacks.
  10. Defense against chokes, while sitting, standing, sleeping or in any other position.
  11. Defense against multiple attackers.
  12. Release against bear hugs and chokes.
  13. Defense against home intrusion.
  14. How to protect your kids against aggressors.
  15. Using everyday objects as weapons to fight off aggressors.
  16. Road rage.
  17. Handle attacks in a parking space.
  18. Howto spot if a predator is following you.
  19. Mental training.
  20. Real life simulations.
  21. Stress training and response. How to stimulate and get into the zone when faced with an attacker.
  22. How to handle fear.
  23. How to handle attacks on a bus.
  24. How to go from being a victim to being able to control the situation.
  25. Conflict des escalation techniques.
  26. Defense against hand guns.
  27. Realistic training and live simulations.

Contact information

If you would like to know more about the Krav Maga Seminars then please call Ramtohul Avinash on 5-750-5727 or alternatively you can send an email to info@kravmaga-mauritius.com. If you have any questions please email us at the above mentioned address.

Hope to see you in one of our seminars.

Thank you!

(Expert in Krav maga and an advanced Practitioner of Sayoc Kali and a strength athlete and an ardent Kettlebell Practitioner)

8 thoughts on “[Guest post] Krav Maga Seminars coming to Mauritius

Add yours

  1. I am wondering why ppl want to attend sessions by a foreigner when several martiALarts club are available in Mauritius. I have been practicing martial arts since 2003 and I need to tell you just going to take lessons and not participating in tournaments Makes yourbody numb while being e,exposed to a true fight. each time I fight in tournaments,this boostsmy confidence


  2. “I once witnessed a taekwondo instructor in Mauritius instructing his
    students about how to kick a knife away from someone’s hands. That was
    absolutely shocking and utterly dangerous as well as plain stupid. What
    if that bloke had to handle someone schooled in kali?”

    I’m a total NOOB in these martial arts things, so, dear Sir, can you please explain: the end of this paragraph creates more confusion than it wanted – what is meant by “schooled in kali”? Why is it “plain stupid” to “kick a knife away from someone’s hands”?


  3. Thank you for the enlightening comment.

    What about the age group you are targetting – can I sign in my 5 year old daughter, for instance?


    1. of course . Krav Maga is divided into different sections, you have Krav Kids, Krav Teens, Krav Maga for civilians, Law enforcement, Special forces etc etc. Whta kids learn is different from what law enforcement would lern but then again, kids love these trainings, not only they are very effective but at the same time the kids learn how to assess situations etc etc.


  4. MMA/Kyokushin/Jeet Kundo are not “traditional” these are full contact.
    “This is really insulting especially when ignorant people like you are having a go at someone of his caliber”

    I am sincerely sorry if that was insult.

    “but remember Krav Maga is for survival. ”
    So is kyokushin karate – Survival of the fittest

    ” rather we teach people techniques and tools which will help them to survive a confrontation.”

    This isnt going to work in one go

    ” before you judge Krav Maga why don’t you come and see for yourself.”

    I already know what is street fighting and we do practice self defence running simulations (someone with knife,etc..)


    1. if you ever heard of Musashi, you will know he said something along the lines of an eagle doesn’t hawk at flies. As I told you before and I will tell you again, you have been making sodding guesses, assuming all sorts and jumping to conclusions about Krav Maga. Why don’t you just come over and see for yourself. You get to spare yourself the need to prove online that you are making uneducated guesses. Come over to the seminars and be your own judge since I always believed and still believe that actions speak louder than words…….


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