KFC Popcorn Chicken launched on the Mauritian market


Yesterday, we tested the new KFC Popcorn Chicken, just launched on the Mauritian market. In fact, while walking around in Shoprite, we ‘coincidentally’ landed in front of KFC and I queued up to order one while Dhaneesha continued doing what she loves the most (apart from eating, of course) : shopping.


For Rs99, I was amazed to see that the Popcorn Chicken, handed over to me, was exactly the same as the one in the adverts, unlike the KFC brazer for example.

Generously filled with small pieces of chicken in a popcorn-like cone, it came along with two small packets of its “fruit chutney” powder which you need to sprinkle over the “popcorn chicken”.



As for the pieces of chicken, they were exactly like those served as Crispy Strips, except smaller in size.


And now, time to taste it.

I first grabbed one without sprinkling any of the powder. Then, I had a second one, this time with some powder over it. And finally, I took a third one, over which I had purposely spread quite some powder over it.


The thing was quite salty and once you have one of them in your mouth, you have that sudden want of having a glass of water. Dhaneesha did not like it neither but we nevertheless finished the whole of it.

Verdict : KFC Popcorn Chicken? Never again, at least, not for the both of us!

Anyone tried it?

20 thoughts on “KFC Popcorn Chicken launched on the Mauritian market

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  1. I went to KFC bagatel and didn’t see that maybe it’s not available in all the KFC’s and also Rs99 that’s quite expensive for small pieces of chicken.


  2. I can you guys, KFC in Mauritius is just a disgrace… all the food is just rubbish. I’ve tried Kfc in many countries, and Mauritian one is just last in that list!!


  3. Now I won’t taste it.
    But with KFC I have learn 1 VERY important thing. Not all outlets serve the same quality of food.
    One of the worst outlet is the KFC Vacoas. Whilst the best ones are Quatre Bornes, Goodlands.


  4. KFC in Mauritius is very unprofessional and deceiving.

    When I ask for their halaal certificate, one of the lady has the guts to show me photocopies of halaal certificate of KFC in countries like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia ..


  5. I can’t comment on the kfc pops in Mauritius but like you said they are really salty in South Africa also. I choose to rather stick with kfc zinger wings =P


  6. Had one at La Croisette… it’s pretty good, wasnt saltier than hot strips. For Rs 99, you get lots of chicken. it’s good for sharing with friends or family.


  7. compared to kentucky popcorn of singapore and south africa( two kfc outleta i have tried), the one here r rubbish.


  8. What?!? Only this puny little quantity for Rs99! That’s way too expensive…

    I’ve been at McDo recently, and was amazed by the low prices of the food there… Do they have different sources of chicken or what?


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