And the best halim in town?

After the best “boulettes” in town post, I think that it is high time I move on to the next in this “best in town” series. If you read one of my posts on Facebook yesterday, you probably saw this one coming: “The best halim in town” 🙂

Unlike for the “boulettes” post, if you ask me for The place to taste the best halim in Mauritius, it will be a bit more difficult because it all depends on your personal taste. Each of the places I recommend below have their own little secret to prepare their dish. Without losing any time, let’s have a look at those yummy pics and where you can get them 🙂

Terminus ( Triolet )


For those in the North, you can try this one found near the bus station of Trou Aux Biches (Terminus). Hurry up because the man operates his “halim” shop only from approximately 6pm to 7hr30pm.



Paulin (Palma)

Just as for the one from Triolet, this man, Paulin, prepares an amazing halim which tastes sweet and tastes even better with a few “gateaux de l’huile” (oily cakes). If you go there, do not miss to try his “gato cresson” 🙂


halim map paulin

La Gare (Rose Hill)

halim rosehill

As posted on my Facebook profile yesterday, I had a bowl of the halim at the bus station of Rose Hill after 2 whole years. I remember going to Rose Hill just for having a bown of this halim during my university days or even when my previous employer moved to Ebene.


halim map rosehill


You are the most welcomed to contribute to this post by suggesting those places you would recommend for a bowl of halim (or two for me lol).

Bon appetit and thanks for reading!

22 thoughts on “And the best halim in town?

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  1. Recently ate at “Halim Chez Salim” vis-a-vis l’eglise acoT ek remy ollier la … Monstre 🙂 Mpane goute bne lezte la selma alrs mpa kav comparer mais mti extra apprecier li …


  2. You love eating don’t you? 😉

    You can perform a show similar to Highway On My Plate where you take a tour around the island and taste the different plates, giving your reviews. 🙂

    Well in my best-of unfortunately I will always say “Home Sweet Home” since I have always preferred home made food.

    So as far as Halim is concerned, my Personal best is Vegetarian homemade halim made by my wife! :p


  3. meilleur ki mone gouter trouve a quatre bornes, la louise tout a coté librairie carrefour (ou tabagie benjies). marchand la kumance travay a partir 16hr parla! cki rose hill la, mo trouve qualite la ine baisser ek prix ine augmenter. 😦


  4. Man, n zour to bzin seye halim bonne terre, vacoas, vis a vis beechand/toyota… n bon lexperience halim ek tipti badja. Topo!


  5. Ena ene baz, la rue madame, apres lopital, mo ti manz ene halim labas some years ago. Ti MARI bon. madame la servi toi halim la dans ene lespece bol en aluminium ek ene soucoupe emba. hmm halim la beef though, for those who eat beef..


  6. Your post has the merit of whetting my appetite…

    About the guy who sells his halim at Terminus Triolet: strangely enough, no complaints from the hindu temple opposite the road? 🙂


  7. And, for the sake of completeness, after “boulettes” and “halim”, we are awaiting (impatiently, I must confess) your listing of best places for

    – gato dilvil (sub-sections: gato-pima, chana-pouri, samoussa, etc)

    – gato français / patisserie

    – dal-pouri

    – roti/farata

    – alouda

    – mine-frir

    – diri-frir

    – oundé

    – glasson-rapé

    – sorbé

    – fastest serving spots (my suggesstion: Kit Loon Po, next to QB’s MPCB)

    – any other eatery that we, Mauritians, are proud of enjoying.

    Et aussi, pour faire bonne mesure mais ans la mesure du possible, un répertoire des endroits les plus snobs qui soient en Île de France.


    PS: faire vite, Novam-Déssam pé approssé lah, nou pa-lé morr-dé-fin pendan sézon conzé…


    1. My temporary listing of best places for:

      – gato dilvil (sub-sections: gato-pima, chana-pouri, samoussa, etc): Rose Belle market for chana-pouri (tansion brilé)

      – gato français / patisserie: in order of increasing price – Mareemoothoo (2 in Curepipe, one is next to RCC and the other is next to Intermart), Kinder’s Favourite (the variety he bakes in VEG is incredible; near the traffic lights at Castel), La Boîte à Gateaux (Route du Club, Vacoas), Mug & Bean (Bagatelle)

      – alouda: anyone at the Food Court in the Port Louis Central Market

      – mine-frir: El Dorado (opposite Savoy, Vacoas)

      – diri-frir: La Caze Mama (Castel)

      – glasson-rapé: Rue Pagoda, Plaine Verte

      – fastest serving spots: no-one ever has never beaten and never will beat Kit Loon Po, next to QB’s MPCB


  8. I like the one at Rose Hill…could not stop that when I was pregnant..yep…one of the very few foods which did not make me throw up! Also there’s the dholl-puri stand next to it… But i have to admit that my dad makes some nice halim too… 😉


  9. Try Halim Loulou at d’Epinay – Best Halim ever!
    Try Farata Baboolall at Solitude – Triolet for the best farata in Mauritius.
    Try Mine frire/Boulettes at Siven Pamplemousses


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