[Guest post] Make your smartphone smarter (1)

Hello everyone!

After (successfully) installing an Android app on his smarphone, my dear friend Tushal just realized how this can change his life and make him more lazy. But what is the use of being the only lazy person. So, he decided to spread some words about this app which he truly believes can make more lazy people and auto-proclaim himself as the king 🙂

Without losing any time, let’s discover it.

The article

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone but do you use your smartphone to its best capabilities? Over the coming weeks, I will be giving out some small tips how to make your phone smarter.

For this first part, it will be a small tutorial about Tasker. You can find this application on the Google Play Store. It is a paid app and I don’t regret buying the app (although there are other ways of getting the app but please guys support the developers).

What is Tasker?

Tasker is an app which lets you do certain tasks if certain parameters are triggered. For example, each time I open Facebook, I want the volume to be muted, the brightness set to max. Normally, I would mute my phone first, set the brightness to max and then open the app. And after closing the app, I would have to re set the volume and dim the brightness. But with “Tasker”, you configure everything accordingly and forget about doing all the settings again each time you open or close your Facebook application. And this does not just limit to here.

Creating profiles

For this tutorial, we will use profiles and tasks. I will show you how to do the above example. Let’s create a new profile, which I will name “Facebook” for the sake of simplicity.

Step 1: From the first screen, select “Application” and look for the “Facebook” app.

Step 2: Go back in the menu and then add a new “Task”. Rename it accordingly.

Step 3 : Next, we need to add an “Action” which is basically what we want the phone to do after opening Facebook. Press the Add button to continue, select “Display”

And then “Display Brightness”:

Now we add a second task to mute the phone.

Select the + button and the audio category and select silent mode and turn it to on or vibrate. {We will choose vibrate}

As shown above, your “Facebook” task will now contain two actions and the next time, you run your Facebook app, the ‘Facebook’ task will be triggered.

The video

And to end, here’s the video. (Sorry for the poor quality.)

Summing up

Today’s short tutorial introduces us to the “Tasker” application. We have also seen how we can configure a simple set of actions which you can define. Tasker opens up a world of possibilities with the wide choice of actions available. In my next article, I will go deeper in what this Android application can do and we will also briefly see how you can use NFC tags to do wonderful things 🙂

Keep tuned!

11 thoughts on “[Guest post] Make your smartphone smarter (1)

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  1. So your Smartphone became a bit smarter.
    What about you? Do you also need an app for yourself? :p

    Now seriously : Thanks for this post, even if we have to buy it, at least we know what we would be buying. 😉 We won’t be wasting our money and get disappointed in the end! Will wait for more… Cheerz!


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