Exclusive pictures : The Mauritian national costume for Miss Universe 2013

After the indescribable costume of Miss Universe 2010, the toilet-paper based costume worn by Miss Universe 2011 and the recent dodo-head hat of Miss World Mauritius 2013, the national costume for the forthcoming Miss Universe 2013 has been presented to the press today. So, our Miss Mauritius Universe 2012, Diya Beeltah, will be wearing some sort of carnaval – sega dress on the 9th November 2013 in Moscow.


“Our” national costume for 2013

Here are exclusive pictures of the national costume presented today. Many thanks to my photographer 🙂



Costume 2

Anyway, how does the umbrella represent Mauritius?

Other dresses

Fortunately, other dresses part of her wardrobe are much more pleasing. As reported, they have been designed by Ashiana Fashion, Neelam Bridal Shop, Mr Price and Red Snapper:

Miss Mauritius Universe dresses 2013

“Faire en sorte qu’on parle de Maurice”

Quote from l’express:

Quant au costume national, il a été créé par les designers Davina Poonen-Boodhun et Shia Shipa Pudaruth. Le bas de la robe rappelle la jupe portée par des danseuses de séga. «C’est un moyen de représenter notre île, et c’est pour cela qu’on utilise les couleurs du drapeau. L’idée est de faire en sorte qu’on parle de Maurice», indique Primerose Obeegadoo, du comité organisateur Miss Mauritius National Organisation.

Of course, people will definitely talk about Mauritius, just like when time.com used the words “toilet-paper” to refer to our national costume of 2010 – Read more here.

As usual, good luck to our Miss Universe Mauritius 2012. That’s all we can do for her. Meanwhile, I ask myself how some people can still sleep soundly after all those critics, even by the international press!

Update : 14th October 2013

I posted a screenshot of a web site alongside the critics written about this year’s national costume and also, a screenshot from the official (?) miss universe web site. Check them by yourself in the comments section 🙂

Update : 6th November 2013

Journalists of Telegraph.co.uk qualified the Mauritian costume as the following in their list of “Miss Universe National Costume show 2013: 10 most alarming looks“:


When I think of Mauritius, I imagine sipping cocktails by the ocean in a sunshine paradise. Miss Mauritius actually came as the cocktail… complete with umbrella.

 Update (18 November 2014)

Since I am not writing a dedicated post for the costume of 2014, here are some pictures, shot by l’express:




17 thoughts on “Exclusive pictures : The Mauritian national costume for Miss Universe 2013

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  1. You may tell me that I have no taste (which I am sure you will), but I think the dress is just fine.

    Internet never forgets. Looks like her past “slip of the tongue” (ref. “emuse”) is here too stay. Reminds me of a meme created for Scarlett Johansson who had a meme created for her for a *real* slip she had (http://goo.gl/eQucdx).


    1. I will never say that to you. I always respect the point of view of others, even if I share a completely different one.

      For the records, I would like to copy paste what I told on Facebook, regarding how I would like to see “our” national costume instead: “Personally, our island is famous for the Sea, Sand and Sun. Should not we pay tribute to what makes our success through our sugar industry for example. Or design a costume to suit our tourism promotion campaign?

      Have the designers ever played with these elements? This year, they are stuck with the four colors of the flag. But how is Mauritius related to “toilet paper”? And why the umbrella? How does exposing one side of her leg show our belonging to our culture? If they really wanted to show our sega, why wear a high heels? Does it make sense?

      I personally liked the originality behind the “green” costume worn last year I think (I included the picture in my post).


      1. The “You may tell me that I have no taste bla bla bla” wasn’t addressed to you specifically dude…


  2. The first critics from a web site which is collecting bits and pieces of information regarding the miss universe competition:

    “Tacky, and looks like stitched patches from a seamstress. How did the designers think about the concept of this costume? Too amateur and faux pas. As said, this is some sort of a carnaval-sega dress, but I really don’t see the convivial theme.”

    Link: http://www.msuniversepageant.org/2013/10/13/miss-universe-2013-candidates-national-costumes/


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