fouf! Le Matinal steals pictures again from the blog.

La goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase.

I don’t know how to deal with it. Le Matinal simply pisses me off!

After the press article which was completely written without my permission a few weeks ago and even without meeting me, Le Matinal published a picture on their Facebook page today:

If you follow the blog regularly, you probably recognized this picture which featured in my “Guess Where” edition of September 2011. Well, Le Matinal did not hesitate to STEAL the picture and publish it!

Even the map with the exact location was copied from this personal blog:


For those people of Le Matinal who would be reading this post, here’s the Wikipedia’s definition of “steal”:

Steal may refer to: Theft, the illegal act of taking another person’s property without that person’s freely-given consent

Not at their first attempt

This is definitely not the first time I witnessed Le Matinal publishing things which they found on the web. For instance, when the first new speed cameras were being installed, Le Matinal did not hesitate to once again “STEAL” my pictures and publish them without my consent. After this incident, I mailed Le Matinal and the picture was taken down soon after, without any reply back to me:

What about the others?

That’s really the first time ever I’m writing about this regret : Sometimes I really have this regret of not being a lawyer or something like that. Or perhaps having someone close who can advise me properly.

While it is true that in the past, I had to remind other press/media companies about my intellectual content being used on their pages without my consent, I was duly contacted by the responsible parties each and every time to express their apology, as long as I remember. A few months back, it was Defimedia’s turn to use one of my pictures. The same story again!

But for Le Matinal, pfff; Get yourselves trained and educated properly to respect the life, opinion and property of others! Is it so difficult to ask for permission before using a picture? Or perhaps, send your own photographer to grab that shot?

No wonder, you will get probably lots of shit for Rs 10.

20 thoughts on “fouf! Le Matinal steals pictures again from the blog.

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  1. Si nou propre gouverneman pé kokin cass, terrain, etc. Bé ki l’exemp li pé donné. Déontolozi zournlistik péna dan sa ban biro de presse la. Zot plaigner ki péna liberté de la presse selma zot zot donne zot mem tou liberté ki zot lé. Apré zot rod metté ki zot ban meiller zournalis dan péi.


  2. Lot kou met to copyright ou watermark lor la. Ou to telment kouyon sa osi to pa kone fer?? To p fer n ta palabre kuma dir Matinal in porte twa bel prejudice lin servi ca foto la pou nek deman n question so ban fans kot trouver ca l’endroit la. Li pan servi li pou make money li. Alors arrete fer kuma dir ton bez dans depression akoz Matinal in servi ca. Sinon pou bizin avoy twa Beau-Bassin. To paraitre mari fit pou reste laba en tou k. Attention-seeker or money-grabber? Which one are you? A big fat cunt for sure 🙂


    1. Bonzur Suresh.

      Mo croire ki to pas trop comprend l’objectif ene blog personel ou meme le droit d’intellectuel. Intellectuel justement, mo pas trop croire to assez intelligent pu comprend sa. Commence par renseigne toi bien avant to kozer et surtout, appane kozer avec diplomacie, respect et maniere.

      C’est tout mo cpv enseigne toi.

      Merci toutefois pu to visite lo blog.


      1. Sorry si mon koz brite mais ena telment dimoun ki pense nek pou sue lezot a la moindre opportunite zordi. Ca mari arraz mwa. Kuma dir ton mari sointer pou gagne ca foto la. Admettre. You are an attention seeker. To mank topic lor ki pou kozer lor to blog alors to rod fer sensationalisme. To pire ki defi dans ca sense la. Lot kou balié devant to la porte avant ecrire bel bel larticle pou critique lezot. Merci.


      2. Savedire seki to p rod dir, tou dimoune kin sorti universitE, inn bien sointé pendant des année, inn trimé an kaliT, zot ban attension seeker. LOL.

        Man, alle apran diktionaire imP, lire ‘attension seeker’ kieter sa avant to servi li 😉

        + An ti advise, coz anglais ta 🙂 You’ll be spanked on right away 🙂


      3. “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig.
        You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

        – George Bernard Shaw



      4. Yashvin Awootar Troll alert!

        Akash Gura Goredo “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” – George Carlin


    2. May I ask you a very simple question: is there any piece of work that you have sweated buckets in the process of building it, perfecting, or creating? I really hope so, dear fellow human being. Because, then, if you are someone who works hard, I simply wish something very intensely in YOUR favour: that some lazy bastard steals a part of your work/creation and takes credit without citing you.

      Then, and only then, you’ll get the feeling.

      The feeling of “fer n ta palabre”, of “bel prejudice” of “bez dans depression”, needing to “avoy twa Beau-Bassin”, and people questioning you as “Attention-seeker or money-grabber” or “big fat cunt”, even if “Li pan servi li pou make money”.

      At this very moment, imagine someone laughing hard in your face: some fat cunt!

      I hope to have succeeded in avoiding the insensitivity and immaturity of your comment.



      1. ORLY?
        Congratulations, you’re manifestly speaking from intense and wide experience… in verbal defecation.

        Good for you.
        Keep pleasuring yourself, but grateful if you kept your onanistic ventures private and undisclosed.


      1. Can’t be too sure about this one – I place my bet anyway: he must be from the other sewer-dredging news site, the guy feeding the most crass “news” to their DefiSexo thing…


  3. Pire c sa ban lartik ki lor defi so site la. Plein erreur. Zamai verifier info. Nek publier.

    Ban dimune ki jamai fer jurnaliate nek bez zot pu ecrire lartik. Dapre lorde mem zafer dan matinal sa


  4. Yashvin, I’d rather suggest you to register and protect your site and images with the DMCA Protection & Take down services. ( Cumsa to pa pu bzin ale casse la tete mail whoever still your image or content, ou ale repone ban imbecile couma Suresh. Peace !!!


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