fouf! Le Matinal steals pictures again from the blog.

I don't know how to deal with it. Le Matinal simply pisses me off! After the press article which was completely written without my permission a few weeks ago and even without meeting me, Le Matinal published a picture on their Facebook page today.

Quelques mots du “bloggeur du village”

Hier, l'apparition de l'article intitulé "Le bloggeur du village" dans le quotidien "Le Matinal" a certainement surpris plus d'un. Cette édition du journal a vite fait le tour du bureau alors que les "likes" continuent à pleuvoir sur ma page de Facebook.

Did you make a good catch?

My day started with Facebook, as usual, and the first link which appeared on my home page was one from Le Matinal, talking about some strict regulations for solving the traffic problems on our roads.

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