Trou aux Biches – NO to Resto Pandit and other petits copains

Unless you really don’t care about what’s going on in our small country, you must have surely heard of the restaurant being built right in the small parking area of Trou aux Biches public beach. Once again, we are here witnessing how the close people (commonly known as “petits copains”) and political agents to those in power are inheriting from public lands either for themselves or for setting up their own business while the rest of the population is getting deprived of the best public beaches of the island on top of the “transats” invasion on the beaches as well as those coastal lands being “gifted” to individuals or hotels (More on these in this post).

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The FCL (Forum Citoyen Libres) as well as other persons are actively protesting against these practices and are at the same way creating an awareness by gathering the population in different areas of the country. In today’s gathering, several persons showed up but unfortunately not enough. On the other hand, the police was widely present on the field. Guys in uniforms as well as those special units who dressed up as civilians invaded Trou aux Biches.

Soon, public beaches will be scarce in the country unfortunately. As I read in one of those boards (“pancartes”) today, our beaches are the only free leisure we have in our country. But for how long?

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  1. This is very sad for the Mauritian population. Some day we will be like the “ilois”/”Chagossiens”, we’ll be asking ourselves “What happenned to our land?”. This is all because politicians are ruining this country. The only thing that matters is money. How much have the people who got those lands given to the politicians and we’re sure that it is for one thing: return on investment, not to offer service to Mauritians!

    This goes hand in hand with how this country’s resources are being depleted for money. We had beaches. Now these are invaded by restaurants and hotels. We had nature, invaded by building like at Ebene and now on the beaches.

    Funny to see that people are laughing at Maurice Ile Durable. Yes, the way the politicians showed it is a joke because nothing they are doing is sustainable, especially in Mauritius. Remember our sadly worldwide fatal floods in 2013, this comes as an aftermath of non respect to the environment (water not being able to flow freely to the sea). This MID thing would however have been a great thing if applied as it should have been in our country by regulating building sites, caring for recycling and better power management and reduction of our fossil power addiction.

    Will we ever have sensible politicians working for the benefit of Mauritians? For the time being more is taken off Mauritians one piece at a time.


    1. Jinfei at Baie du Tombeau – Neotown at les Salines – the big domaines RES sold to foreigners – All the best places for foeigners. For us the prices of land is increasing and are not able to buy. Our future generations will be as if in in mtius will be to foreigners.


  2. I have an idea for the police photographers: let’s publish their faces on some social sites… heh!

    My dear people, in the near future, when the new ID-thingy will be thoroughly enforced, you’ll be so easily identifiable through the biometric data on your card that only one police scanning camera will suffice… Say “hello Big Brother”!


  3. Man, from the internet, to the beach, they’ve robbed the island of any way of bringing money in. They just think short terms about their personal gains. Funny thing though, we really can’t do anything about it, I can only see violence to resolve the islands condition.


    1. “we really can’t do anything about it” + “I can only see violence to resolve”…??? Apathy / despair and reaction in a single sentence: wow!

      Violence: where? By whom?

      Ah yes, your reply was very violent, for sure, indeed… 🙂


  4. May be the pundit is thinking to do a vegetarian resto there. this is the culture of Mtian govt. to share our land to petit copains who are their leche bottes. Where is the MID no comment from them. we mtian apart from the beach we do not have any other entertainment with the family.This is our cheapest free place to relax. Mostly for those who cant pay hotel or bungalows. Thanks we have a good press where they are doing a good followup.What happen if mowlanas and pretres also start asking for land on beach. will the PM give to all. we are all mtians and we do have the equal opportunity commision.


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