The best “boulettes” in town… euh… Mauritius

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably noticed that I never miss an opportunity to post those yummy pics of food (accompanied by beer on Fridays)! Sometimes it can be in the form of dholl purree or noodles or pizza or “boulettes”, just like today, when I went for a stroll in China Town.

Boulettes Jim:

If you ask me for the best place to eat some boulettes, without any hesitation, I will definitely recommend you to try “Boulettes Jim”, just besides MRA head quarters in Port Louis:



They are without any doubt the best ones in Mauritius with a very largest variety available.
My advice : Be there before everyone else, preferably before lunch time!



Boulettes Palace

If Port Louis is too far for you, I will suggest you to head over to Quatres Bornes, somewhere near Gold Nest and the MCB ATM. The place is called “Boulettes Palace”. If you still feel hungry, ask for a “Pain Americain”, which is actually over-stuffed with loads of things like chips and some salad.




China Town

And of course, China Town… I don’t know if you mind eating on the roadside but this Chinese guy makes amazing boulettes and fried noodles too. He has been working at the same place ever since I know!





Peng (Trou aux Biches)


Avoid going there exactly at lunch time because the queue is quite long!

Large variety of boulettes and noodles available. Tasty too!

Map : 

trou aux biches


Now, let me see. I have a great idea to start a series of post on food. You can start cursing me now because these posts are going to water your mouth and follow you wherever you go!

Bon appetit!

10 thoughts on “The best “boulettes” in town… euh… Mauritius

Add yours

  1. sa lenvie mine frire ek boulette la lor mw la 😛
    apre 1 mois carem -‘, Definitely agree about the chinese guy, one of the best place i’ve eaten boulette so far 😀


  2. Thanks..grace a toi mone ressi mange a moitie prix cot Ocean Basket…yes i agree with u, that the best boulette u obtain it at JIm. there is also one place where i go often during lunch time, give it a try.its B Don B, leoville homme street, plouis…bon apetit


  3. best boulettes place in port louis during lunch period, kwik choy at medine mews infront telecom tower. the noddles and boulettes are great.. hygiene too is very good standard.


  4. Beau Bassin, Kot brahmer bank. Amazing boulette, to gagne ene large variety. Boulette palace, mne manze labas some 2 weeks ago, not the same anymore, tobizin attane like 20 min, tout le temps li rempli..ena fois boulette pencore parer..ek so boulette ek so bouillon aint as good as it was like 2-3 yr before..


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