Moving to 8 digits for mobiles – Why 5?


In 2 weeks time, the island’s mobile infrastructure will go through a major switch, requiring first of all, a change of habit in the life of probably every Mauritian. Prefixing the digit “5” in front of all mobile networks will be mandatory as from 1st September 2013 00:00hrs. The 8-digit numbering had been announced long time back and these days, a huge campaign is being conducted to remind everyone of the need to “5ing” each and every mobile number in their phones as well as in their minds.

Slowly but surely, there will be a wide change out there in the island. Just to name a few : business cards, web sites, adverts and etc need to be reviewed.  And probably affecting those using their phone numbers as passwords…

Have you ever asked yourself why the number 5? 😛
(The picture is one of my original ideas, hope that you liked it)


22 thoughts on “Moving to 8 digits for mobiles – Why 5?

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  1. I heard orange guys wrote an app for adding the 5 prefix and i have not used it. I am wondering if it caters for all orange mobile numbers (250,751-799, 918,etc…)

    btw i just hate the orange ad saying ‘hey 5 moi plutard’ this is just noob… simply saying that orange mobile phone numbers should start with 5 is enough…


    1. In 50 years, “Hey mo 67890 plutard! — Orange” The fact that they didn’t cater for those very* old people (>80/90) who have to adjust themselves to this change and the way they’re sensitizing the population is purely bs.

      If I personally, didn’t read the advert by ICTA, I would be exactly like those 90 ages peoples….


  2. It is going to be a major exercise for a lot of people in business. I wonder if we will see apps to facilitate amending phone numbers in our mobile phones? Orange had mentioned that they would make such an app available to all users. As for 5 prefix, LOL, it might be the rack number of the switching at the server of the telephone exchange.


  3. Som many questions come in:

    – Why only mobile numbers?
    – When all numbers – including fax?
    – What about internet wifi dongles?
    – Why now, not 2 years ago?

    Sorry, Eurange may charge me a fee just for asking…


  4. Hahaha!!! Lol!!! did not see the pic earlier!!! Lol!!! Wai…xtra sa… so now my num will read 5 250 xxxx or 52 50 xx xx ? Lokks nicer when you have it by 2 non ? 😉


  5. Bann maha pl*k. Zis nimero portab ki vinn 8 chiffres. Tandi ki fixe res lor 7 chiffres. Be buze mem. Kifer pa buz tou. Dime mo 5 twa


  6. “so that if the migration fails in some way or is delayed , we still have an operational communication line”

    So you mean that, if you permit me to translate this to, say, a civil engineering context, when adding a third lane to the motorway, Eurange would be telling us: IF the shifting fails… 🙂

    Can’t they PLAN to succeed in something so banal, for FCUK’s sake?

    Just love it…


    1. hahaha..well you know the saying that goes on here: if shit can happen, it will.
      this doesnt escape in the civil engineering context too mate, when they do add a third lane somewhere on our roads, the road get blocked ;longuere lasemaine ‘ here. or the wrong planning occurs somewhere. Reminds me of the route to the south, they are building around LaFlora here and the new road (completely different layout from the existing one) was dark as hell without road marking at night. A real accident magnet. Well as i was saying, if shit can happen..


  7. No one noticed that this means the death to older phones, people are lazy and will not update 200+ contacts, they’ll prefer to buy a new phone use an app to do it.


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