Did you eat a naan recently?


Welcome once again to the blog!

Today, the topic is not about the  “farata” and “roti” which are very common in Indian cuisine but instead, I will be briefly talking about the one which is  widely available during the muslims’ fast in the occasion of the eid celebrations.

The naan is commercialised in different flavours / tastes;

  • Naan (plain)
  • Naan Fromage
  • Naan Poulet
  • Naan Viande
    and the one which I’m longing to taste:
  • Naan Chocolat!

I purchased the ones above in front of Jummah Mosque, Port Louis:

The prices range from Rs40 for a plain naan up to Rs75 for a naan stuffed with chicken or meat or chocolate while the Cheese naan is sold at Rs60, Please note that prices may vary.

With the fast coming to an end in the next days, you should grab one as soon as you can while it is still easily found on the market. And bon courage to our muslim brothers and sisters 🙂

So, did you eat any of them recently and what’s your favorite naan?

14 thoughts on “Did you eat a naan recently?

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      1. Is that what this is called in Mauritius? I guess as Mike has said we would categorise it as a bun, but looks very nice to scoff down anyhow 🙂


      2. Yes, but if you ask the seller for a “bun”, he might give you one of those surprised looks because the good name used in Mauritius is “naan”. But in Indian cuisines (or in Mauritian restos), a naan is some kind of roti/farata, as I said in the article.


  1. Not what I know as naan either, Harish has the link to real naan. I guess you could put this one in the “bun” category. However, it looks good, I have never had a chance to taste it.


  2. My next door neighbour offered me chicken naan the other day. It looked weird but tasted alright…comparable to a pizza with chicken toppings except the chicken pieces are mixed in the dough.

    Off topic : I’ve noticed you’re using a responsive theme but your adsense units are breaking the layout. Maybe you can use the new responsive ads they’ve just released or use the trick of detecting window width I’m currently using on Clever Dodo 😉


    1. The chicken naan is good too but “lourd lo lestoma” as we say in creole.

      As for the off topic section: My theme is not responsive, not as far as I remember lol. Since I love the current look, I might perhaps port the same look and feel on a responsive framework unless I really found a theme that strikes me. Not happened till now unfortunately. I will try to see the code 🙂


      1. It looks like you’ve never viewed your site on a mobile or small screen. Your current theme seems responsive to me – on my iphone, you get a dropdown menu and the left navigation is rendered after all posts, The only thing that’s breaking the layout is your adsense code especially the link unit at the top.

        Just try the solutions above or once you get your first payment, invest it in the updated version of your theme which is fully responsive. See this link:



      2. Hello.
        I think that you are getting the mobile theme offered by jetpack. But yeah, now that the blog is generating its own revenue, I can perhaps take the paid version (and use the new responsive adsense).
        Well, I will decide later on 🙂


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