SBM customers complaining after new banking system rolled in


Although I have not personally experienced any problems as a SBM Customer recently, several people are complaining about being unable to carry out transactions during the past few days or even weeks. From what I read on Facebook, many are frustrated since the credit card system (I think more precisely the SBM Smile Card) cannot be recharged for use. When will the situation be back to the normal? Customers currently feel lost. SBM’s Customer Care have been giving false hopes till now.

On the 18th April 2013, Le Matinal newspaper group even advised its Facebook fans, as follows:

SBM Le Matinal

For weeks, the State Bank Of Mauritius have been officially announcing that they were going to roll in their new banking system in two phases. The last one was scheduled on the 15th April 2013 but as some can later testify on this blog, it seems that they did not successfully passed the last phase of their project. On a similar note, let me remind you that some two years back (or more), the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) also rolled in their new system catastrophically: ATM stopped working, credit cards showed errors etc.

It is unfortunate to say but there’s a big lack of communication to inform the valued customers of the current situation.

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  1. They are so useless. I have several payments pending and despite going back and forth to the SBM branches, they are unable to give me a date where their (*$#(*$#)(*$# systems will be functioning again.


  2. And what’s more interesting is that SBM had a page on FB, where they said everything will be fine last week, has suddenly disappeared into thin air.


      1. No Yashvin. I went to the bank today. They told me THIS WEEK their systems will be fine.
        We are now in the 1 month that their systems are down.


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