[Guest Post] Are ICT jobs decreasing in Mauritius?



I have just got my Advanced Diploma in IT last week, aiming at a top-up degree later in a UK university later on, once I get a job to save some money aside. Like most people in the IT industry, I have my own speciality too, or if you want, areas in which I do better. Mine are web design (Front-end development) and web marketing. I can teach as well.

After hunting on several recruitment sites, such as Myjob, I did notice some companies recruiting but most of them are looking for potential candidates with years of experience as requirement. As a fresh guy in the market, I find myself among the hundreds others who will be fighting for the few jobs vacancies left.

I remember very well of the time when many IT companies were massively recruiting software engineers, SAP professionals, Web developers and designers, and much more. But since some months now, things have changed. There has been a considerable decrease in the number of vacancies as well as the skills and experience demanded.

I am NOT saying these companies are not recruiting, of course, they still do, BUT, they are not doing it like in the past. Some reasons why I think they might be recruiting less are :

  • Perhaps these companies have got sufficient people, so, they are not recruiting too much.
  • Perhaps these companies prefer to recruit less Mauritians for some reasons
  • Perhaps these companies are not making more profits, so they are not recruiting anymore

The vision of the government

With the vision of the Government to have at least one graduate per household, I’m asking myself lots of questions. Will the market able to absorb all those recently graduated students? Do they have any hope to get a job once their studies have been completed?

Right now, I am pretty worried! While some of my classmates have succeeded in getting a temporary job as a receptionist or even another one is doing metal works, I am constantly checking those web sites for new opportunities. Perhaps I may be luckier, or not. Only time will tell but meanwhile, I still need to rely on my parents who already have taken loans to get myself a good education.

Any hope for the youngsters of this country?

From a reader.

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  1. As some1 ki fek sorti universiT, to pas capave rode travay dans ene genre specific, to bizin open a ban lezotte zafer couma explore development mobile, server side coding, ou mem kifer pas fer administration reseau? enfin keep an open mind. Btw it also helps to know some people who already have a good network in the industry 🙂


    1. This is what I am doing now… Check other fields..or even…maybe another sector…

      But what will come first I will take… Money is not my priority as I am new, I am more concerned with working experiences…


  2. Front-end developers are badly in need in Mauritius. I myself is a Front-End developer, however, I think that years of experience should not be an issue but rather your competency.

    I’ve been looking for Front-End developers to join in where am working right now, but most of them are just money minded or think they know loads in the field. But Front-End development is quite new in the IT field and we have way to go to extend our expertise.

    I will be very happy to help the community, but in exchange I would want developers who have the will to learn and extend themselves beyond foreign credentials, will be tough but I know that we Mauritians always excels if we really want to


    1. A friend of mine, got an interview as web designer in a company last year. I forgot which company it is. He told me, the company is using Adobe Muse and Adobe Animate as software and online website builder such as Wix.

      If you are a Front-End, you should know what these two software do. They build websites and create JavaScript animations WITHOUT any knowledge of coding! A guy in the company told him during a test, that the company had about 6 web designers before, and reduced to 3. Why? To cut costs by using these software, to make the work faster.

      I am not against these software, like online website builder, or whatever, the web is changing, I know we have to move. But suppose all companies use them, what will happen on jobs for people? In fact with HTML5, where JavaScript and CSS3 as well as mobile applications, front-end developers should increase as you said, but it is not seemed to be.

      If there is a post on front-end, 99% I bet the company will demand at least 3 years of WORKING experiences, not only that, but also aspects which are outside front-end development. I even saw on MyJob, where a company needed a front-end, but asking skills on 3D software like Autodesk etc as well as on movie software like Sony Vegas. Tell me, what 3D and movie editing have to do with front-end development?

      I had an interview last year, for a freelance front-end. The company is a joke for me as it is not serious. I remember, the guy who did the interview, told me he prefers to recruit less front-end as they have nothing to do most of the time…

      If there are no jobs, where will fresh graduates get experiences? This does not concern only on IT, but also on Tourism sector.

      The web is changing, I cannot be reluctant on one thing. I have 2 years of personal experiences on front-end, now, I think it is time to dig other fields.. I can do administrative, or even teach, marketing as well, and I am exploring more right now..


      1. I understand the frustration but if the company smells fishy I would not deal with them even if I’m unemployed. Why? Because if they throw you out in a few months for those obscure reasons you’ll end up in the starting blocks again and more frustrated, no significant experience and you’ll even have to explain to your new recruiter why your previous job failed.

        Moreover you should keep this saying in mind “Jack of all trades, master of none”. We are living and working in ultra specialised fields. Don’t hesitate to challenge a recruiter on the skills they are looking for. If they want you to do, say, server load balancing, you know that they :

        1/ have no idea of what skills they are looking for,

        2/ have no idea of the job they are having that very interview for a job.

        Same thing with those auto-builders. Reduction of labour ok. Ask them to do a full responsive web design with a complex front-end for a 20 000 product catalogue in Magento. A company investing in software instead of skills AND software is killing itself. No use working for those… starting block assured.

        Now my 2 cents of advice on training. Train yourself in those front-end skills that are rare on the market like :

        * RWD

        * Microformats (huge thing with Google and SEO)

        * Organic impact of code on SEO

        * HTML/HTML 4/5

        * Old school HTML with tables (important when you are building structured emailing and testing on different clients for example, most only know HTML 5)

        * CSS 1/2/3 (don’t just go for the most recent versions, you need to know the previous ones when you upgrade those to the new ones, that’s where you become a life saver)

        * DOM Scripting

        * Read books and articles on project management so as to be aware of what is in stock for you when working with other people and a manager on large scale projects.

        * If you design, learn about content, content marketing and its interaction with design, content choregraphy and the history of typography. It is not all about the beautiful gradient you put in that box.

        Show that you are a good FO dev and that it is more than just exporting slices from Photoshop and making it hold with CSS.

        Long comment but hope that it helps somebody.


      2. I work on HTML5 and CSS3 since 2010. A that time, less people use them as most browsers did not support their tags and they were mostly in drafts. So, I know the technologies very much.

        DOM scripting as well, I am into it since 2011. I appreciate JQuery as framework. I am not an expert in it, but I know the technology and can do several common animations you find on websites.

        I am also in SEO since a long time. In fact I stated it above, marketing.

        I have also a strong knowledge on administering CMS like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. I did not try Prestashop and Magento too much. However, I am not into module development.

        I have read about 50 books on web development since 2010. Now, imagine how sacrifice I did.

        So to resume, I have at least 2 years personal experiences in the field.

        And for the “Jack of all trades, master of none”, I am already one. I love studying new things just to get knowledge on them and not necessary mastering them. For example, recently I practiced some digital painting. I was practicing 3D animations before, but dropped it for some time. I will take it later, PC too slow when rendering.

        Sometimes, coding make you boring. So, I switch on others… I a refreshing myself at this moment. Any post which I will get, I will take but should have at least a relation in IT.

        I also want to thank you for your advises…


  3. Sending your CV to MyJob.mu or other recruitment websites is not enough. These website already contain thousands of CVs (some mediocre, some good and some brilliant). What differentiate yours from the bad ones? It will be very hard to tell, plus you do not have any guarantee that these websites/agencies are really doing the work once your CV goes in their databases. Now, my advice is (and you can be sure that I myself followed my own advice when I was in your situation): (a) Write a decent CV (Ask Yashvin to send you his). (b) Print them (20 of them would do) (c) Look on website and telephone directories the addresses of good IT companies (and some startups) (d) GO THERE PERSONALLY, walk in the office and ask to talk to the HR manager himself (at least try but agree to talk to the another person from HR if the HRM is unavailable). (e) SHOW the guy or the girl why they should hire you. You have already won a battle on all other people who are sitting home just sending CVs from their PCs. You have shown dedication to your career. Shown hints of commitment etc. Ask to GET the phone number of that HRM or HR person… and DO call him/her after a week to follow up on your candidacy.. Sometimes CVs get put under a pilled of other papers. You must make sure that your CV find its way to the eyes of the right person. So again call them to followup. This way, they will remember you.

    Last but not least, you may prefer front-end dev, however IMHO, you should clearly tell recruitment people that you’re willing to learn new techs and things outside your comfort zone. If I were in your place, I would even ask for a 2-4 weeks unpaid trial (rather that than just sitting at home idle). Believe me, never think you know enough, you are new to the IT field, there’s a world of things for you to learn from..



    1. I completely agree with you. This is what I will start doing on Monday. Phone companies etc. In fact, it was already in my list this idea of searching a job but I will place more emphasis on Monday on it.

      Normally, I don’t have CV on MyJob, I only look on the posts. Then I send the company my application through email or even phoning them for an appointment.

      I have a good CV, well designed etc… But like I said above, on Monday I will start phoning companies…


  4. Unemployed? Show the recruiters that you’re the best option and that you will improve along with the service you are being paid for.

    Once employed? Prove that you have been their best choice and IMPROVE and show it. Keep in mind that you’ll never be the best of the best because it doesn’t exist in Web or ICT, you can only improve and master.

    Result? After step 2, salary increase and money inflow.

    Want more? (Optional step 3) Keep your job but redo step 1 by contacting another company’s recruiters with your upgraded CV and negociate.


  5. i got an advanced diploma in IT but it was really hard for me to get a job in IT i was doing receptionist and now ending up at home (housewife) decouraged ! had done stage in great companies but couldnt find a job. dont be decourage be positive…try to continue ur studies (havent continue mine because thought in this field will not be my advantage).


      1. @truth: what has the level of English got to do here?

        Personally, results do not matter whether it is a diploma or degree. Performance and efficiency are the main factors as far as the private sector is concernes.


      2. Well, if you can’t even communicate in correct English…

        Same applies to the guest poster: not ‘less’ Mauritians but ‘fewer’ Mauritians.

        If I see one mistake in a CV, it goes in the rejected pile, especially when there are so many CVs to go through. If you can’t even bother getting your CV right when applying for a job, what will you do once in the job…?

        As for degree vs diploma, both might not matter much but in the beginning when you have no experience to show for, then of course a degree is superior to a diploma.


      3. I’m not considering the first comment above as an example but rather in a more general context.

        Sorry to disagree but in the post here, no one is applying for a job of college teacher nor that of a lecturer. What really matters here in the eyes of the interviewer: The IT-related skills which matches the job criteria.

        This said, I don’t want to imply that you can apply to an IT job using an English similar used by a CPE student.


      4. Troll alert! I wrote this article in less than 20 minutes dude without verifying typo mistakes. And if you think you can write better than Beowulf, then good for you!

        Tell me, how many times you’ve read your own message above before pressing the button to comment so that we don’t detect a mistake in yours? By the way, you did, re-read your sentence where:

        “If I see one mistake in a CV, it goes in the rejected pile…”

        Don’t you know if + present tense = future tense? Here you go “If I see one mistake in a CV, it will go to the rejected pile”. Have a nice day, I’m done with you!


      5. I think that we will be engaging into a useless and off-topic discussion over this incident. The point to be discuss in this post: “Are ICT jobs decreasing in Mauritius?” If anyone else really want to discuss on the importance of english in CVs, I kindly invite the persons to send me a guest article to be published in the same section here.
        Thank you


  6. I would like to get an idea of the payscale in the IT sector here in mauritius? how much can you expect to start or should you accept ” du pain du beurre” ?

    also, how much can you expect your salary to evoluate after 2 to 3 years?

    i just want to have an idea…


    1. I think that you do understand why I can’t post exact figures about salaries but nevertheless, I will try to give a brief idea even if I do not have an update scale of salaries on the market today.

      When I joined my first job some 6 years ago, the most common salary range (including transport) was between 15-18k for a fresh graduate and lets say that in 2-3 years time, you can be increased by a total of up to 5k-10k.

      Salary ranges from companies and also fluctuates on specific demands about the technology you master. Better skilled employees get better paid naturally and sometimes companies can have offer up to 2 times that of the average person with same experience to discourage you to leave for another competitor.


  7. Searching Jobs in the IT industry, what i think is that you must build your own career, you are good at web development, try to make some adverts and on about you, people must surely contact you for making some websites. Like this you shall update your CV, and soon as you have done some websites, try to contact some companies in the particular field… 😉
    Am 18 year old and gonna seat for HSC examination this year. Designing website is my passion, am good in html5, css3, javascript, php and mysql and very user friendly with adobe photoshop.. I can design cms based on any website, and i prefer designing a personal cms for a website rather than using an open source cms like joomla and other..At this age, am already getting a minimum of two website to make every three month (without having made some big advertisements). So for me, I think it should be easy for you guys to get into it, try my advice..To try does not cost anything.. 😉
    Check out my last work… http://www.cltourmaurice.com


  8. im an it manager with a diploma and so are quite a few people around.
    what matters is professionalism and constant personal growth, apart from the usual high productivity, intelligent, and the usual IT mumbo jumbo…..although i dont need a degree or masters right now, i will surely do it just to boost my cv…


  9. forgot to add that being proficient in WOrd, excel and surfing is not a requirement for me to employ you as an IT Support Analyst, show me that you know what is .NET framework or an oracle application or some database knowledge…..then we can start talking…..picture is the same a labourer…he needs to know how to use his tool before he can tell me that he knows what a Fork or a pick or a sickle looks like


  10. I personally don’t have any degree yet. In fact, I haven’t yet started university. But with all the work that I have done till now (for free or very little money), it is probably equivalent to 1-2 year(s) of experience. I already have companies “hunting” me … once more without any university degree. I’ll advise you to do the same as I do. Do work for free. Start your own online projects. Learn some marketing. Split test ad networks. Build your own websites and try to get users. Help other websites for free and ask for your name to be posted on their about page (as a reference). I hope this helps 😉


  11. 1. People in ICT sucks (in MU), seriously a lot do not even know why they are in that field, either they just think it will be like a governmental job they can sit back, relax and just bend to the boss get fucked and stay afloat or just try to hide by working in bigger corporation where it is easier to hide by not doing a fuck and sweet talking their way up. (yes it doesn’t apply for all, there are some good IT guys & gals out there).

    2. The way the industry works, it tries to recruit those who has lots of experience, then they hire two or three juniors who will try to robotic-ally copy what the more experienced one is doing and then they fire the experienced one, I’ve seen that in a few major BPO/outsourcing/cost centric companies out here.

    3. You retire at 65 years old, during those 5 years, some new guy could have gotten the job.

    4. The mediocrity of MANY mauritian programmers, and yes, I dare say it, a lot of Mauritian programmes & sysadmins are PATHETIC to the point of almost sounding like someone who knows just how to code but not how to think. (YES there are equally VERY good programmers and VERY good sysadmins in mauritius), but the majority of mediocre ones gives the country a bad reputation. This tends to happen when you have people giving out degrees to just anybody.

    5. In the government itself we are taught in early age that being mediocre, crappy and to suck a few politicians we can just live life and become rich, so since early age a lot of people just learnt to divine politicians rather than their own selves or their job.

    6. I am looking for two senior dot net guys and two junior dot net guys :p, I thought windows coding was easy enough, weirdly, i can’t find guys up to the expectation. So what do you want me to do ? They just don’t seem interested or good enough.

    You simply don’t come in the field expecting to be rich without actually knowing a sh!t!

    That was my 2 cents.



  12. @ Selven why are you so harsh with newcomers? Were you not ignorant too. Didnt you had to learn because i really doubt you were born a know- it-all in IT stuff?


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