HSC Laureates: No more bonds between them and the country.

This article is an update to what has been written and hugely debated here back in 2009. Many have been able to express themselves on the scholarship topic and the due of the HSC laureates at the end of their studies, financed by the government. And we all know that a considerable number of laureates never came back to Mauritius.

Today, the minister of education, Vasant Bunwaree announced that as from this year, the HSC laureates won’t be bonded as in the past. Hence,

  • They won’t have any commitment to come back to serve the country and
  • This also means that they won’t be required to repay back any money the Mauritian government has invested in them, i.e, your money.

Personally, I’m much disgusted by this decision. It does not only encourages the best to work abroad but the government is doing so with our own money. On top of that, the same government will say that the country does not have the necessary expertise and skills, so they need to hire foreigners to manage top-most positions in different organisations. Instead of encouraging them to stay, the government is providing the necessary funds to make them flee the country!

Your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “HSC Laureates: No more bonds between them and the country.

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  1. Laner vini lanner aller, mem zafer. Ene tas cozer mais narien pa changer avek sa. Au contraire, le chose enpire. Mo deman zot fer unp recherche, servi google fer recherche lor sa bann laureats 2002, 2003, 2004 la. Enan zot noms dan archives l’express ou defi media. Gueter cot zot p travay asterla. Zot ti p siposer p travay dan mru presentement. Gueter zot mem. Deman zot mem, comien ZOT cash ine al dan napas. Laureates p rod bel lapeye, mem si zot pa ine investi narien financierement dan zot leducation universiter. Lepep admirab ki fer sa pou zot. B bann saki ine al etudier dehors et kine finance zot letude par zot mem la, ki lapey zot bizin gagner kan zot retourne moris alors??! Bien content zordi mone kit pay, mo dan 1 pay kot mo p pey boucou taxes mais au moins sa taxes la p servi pou promouvoir l’universiter dan pays la mem et mo zenfents pena mo cravacher couma le rats kan zot p termine secondaire, acoz gouvenrment pou aide zot si zot al dan 1 universite sa pays la et du fait promouvoir zot propre universiters. Zot pa pou enan pou pren lesons particulier, donc zot leducation secondaire pou VRAIMENT GRADUIT. Zot pou kpav fer lezot zafer dan zot lavie. GRAN MERCI. Bunwaree et consort encore p guet pa plis ki zot bout nez nez.


  2. It’s not just about Mauritius anymore. Wherever they are in the world, these laureates are proudly representing Mauritius. And this is a very good boost for the Mauritian culture and economy. Consider it as an investment !!!


  3. Mo partage l’avis Yashvin concernat sa zistoire tire bond la.

    Mo trouve li bien unfair enver nous contribuable ki zordi zour nu pou finance etude 64 (corrige moi si mo faire erreur) en entier, dans nimporte ki pays laureat la p ale apprane ek zot pas retourne maurice apres. Wtf? Ki logik? Deja aster lameme rate laureat ki pas retourner high, ki pwariver aster? Kikene dinne moi explications logic derriere?

    System laureat li bon pou la competition, mais donne ban labourse d’etude gratuit, financer par ban contribuable, li inadmissible.

    Ena boucou mesure politic kin prend ki aucaine gouvernment pas pou ressi tirer, au risque vinn impopulaire. 1. Tranport gratuit (ene lot flop, ban parent paye plis en term taxe ki si zot ti pwena pou paye transport, ek li unfair envers ban ki ena zenfant ki pou ressi profite sa.) 2. Financement 64 laureat, sans garantie en retour, 3. Tablet form 4, si project la approuver.

    Nou finn laisse nous convaicre par ban belle parole ene gouvernment ki p prend nous pou couyon. Tout sa kass la, ti pou kav investi dans development qualite education ki offert dans nu ban lecole plutot ki quantite..

    Bien decu, mo bien decu, ek si mo pas paye tax..mra pou derriere moi..


  4. Imagine in 20 years’ time, during a high-profile court case, someone rich arsehole hires a top professional (doctor, accountant, engineer, whatever) for speaking in his favour from the witness box as an expert. And the prosecution finds that the expert hired by the rich defendant happens to be a former laureate of 2013 who did not comply with his previous undertaking which compelled him/her to return to the country after completing his university studies. Well, what credibility does that professional have if he/she cannot stand by his/her own word?

    This is why I believe a written undertaking serving as oath is a much more potent deterrent for study-fees evasion than a monetary bond.

    This, or you update the present bond value by adding not one but TWO zeroes after “Rs 500,000″… to Rs 50,000,000: with this, ha-ha, unless you have GroDerek-type activities, you are sure to have ALL of them bursary-holders come back home, publicly trumpetting about their patriotism 🙂

    All said, I’m also for the re-instatement of the “petite bourse” concept: from experience, it appears that rewarding talent at a young age has a more potent effect than too late in early adulthood. But then, with the rat-race already contaminating the childhood of most, I would have preferred not having typed the above…


  5. Top koz de millions de roupie a nu lelit o nivo de la HSC, ena fer zis Form 4 ek zordi so scholarship vo des milliards 😉


  6. Very few laureates give back to the country. One good exception is Dr. Sulleman Moreea who was a laureate from RCPL in the mid 1980s. He went to work for Bradford teaching hospitals in the UK and comes back regularly to do surgical operations in Mauritius. He recently offered a free set of expensive equipment for gastroenterology from Olympus UK. I was a medical sales representative when I first met him in 2008 at a conference. He encouraged me to continue my studies. Today thanks to his guidance I am a PhD student in the field of diabetes research in South Africa. The government of Mauritius did not fund me because my chosen area of studies are “not in the priority” list. But I think about the people who suffer and will surely come back or help in a way or the other.


  7. no wonder you are not aware that many laureates return back to this country only to find out that only the relatives of ministers are selected for the best jobs even if they obtain a mere second class from UOM. Also what your money??? They work day and night to receive an award!!! If you are jealous may be you should work hard yourself dork. It seems you are frustrated.


      1. Paret Yashvin ki ou pa realise ki ban laureat ousi zot parents paye tax ak contribue pou pays. Si zot zenfants apran bien, sorti premier dan le monde dan HSC, kifer pa bizin recompense zot. Mai kuma ene ancien professionel dan Telecom, mone trouve ki ena boukou fami Baichoo ou Sarah Lallah ki gagne place au lieu ki ban laureat kine vini depi Australie ek Angleterre. Apres tou dan moris boukou fer medcine vini bizin atan 1an avant zot rentre internship. Alors ki dehors 1 mois apres zot graduate, zot rentre dan training. Ki pli logique pou ou? Ek ou bisin considere ki akoz bond, zot ti pe bizin travay 5 ans. 1ans perdi dan atan internship. Kouma fini internship, perdi 1an et demi avant rentre kuma medcin. Bunwaree kone ki li pe fer. Ena plis ki 141 cas dan state law office ki critique system morisien pu attire ban laureat kine kraz lanuit. Mo espere sa ouvert ou ti lizie


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