Found drunk, Jordan Jeremy Lenon Philippe kills police motor officer with his 4×4

Update (24 August 2016) : The suspect in this case gets only a fine of Rs50,000. The court has rejected the appeal from the DPP who contested the punishment initially imposed to the suspect. More details at the end of this article.


On Sunday, the country woke up with a shocking news: A police motor officer of 30yrs lost his life when a 4×4 vehicle, driven by Jordan Jeremy Lenon Philippe hit him in the region of Flic En Flac. The latter was trying to overtake another vehicle when he drove over the police officer as well as the official police motorcycle over several metres, as says the local media.

Aged of only 19years old, Jordan Jeremy Lenon Philippe was tested positively for alcohol at that moment. He was ‘admitted’ to a private hospital, Apollo Bramwell, after he felt ‘unwell’. So, he feels unwell after killing an innocent. The whole population must be furious at him at this time being!

IMHO, he should be jailed for the maximum period for his careless driving under the influence of alcohol and on top of that, killing a police officer on duty. The latter left behind him a young wife and a small kid.

You are free to take your own conclusions while waiting for the official reports and court judgement.

The BMW of Mont Choisy

On the same note, for those who missed the news, Didier Chabaut, the man who drove his BMW over the beach of Mont Choisy was fined for a total of Rs40,000 and his driving permit was suspended for two years. Read more here.

Update (26 December 2012)

For the first time ever, the media has published the photo of the said Jordan Jeremy Lenon Philippe.

Above is a screenshot made from l’express. It has also been mentioned that he left the Apollo Bramwell Hospital on Monday and was kept for security reasons in the Alcatraz prison. He will be brought to court today for the second time, the first time being on Sunday.

Update (24 August 2016)

The suspect in this case gets only a fine of Rs50,000. The court has rejected the appeal from the DPP who contested the punishment imposed to the suspect. The DPP thought that an imprisonment was more reasonable for such crimes but the judge are maintaining the fine because they said that the suspect was young and immature.

Personally, I find this judgement bullshit! A police officer lost his life because of a drunk driver and he gets away with a Rs50,000 fine? Why? He is too young and immature!

22 thoughts on “Found drunk, Jordan Jeremy Lenon Philippe kills police motor officer with his 4×4

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  1. Again the strategy of a drunk driver is to take refuge in a private hospital. It seems to be a regular strategy of those who benefit from protection or those who can afford professional legal aid. After the efforts of the don’t drink and drive campaign, widely transmitted over the media, this irresponsible driver should have his driving licence revoked and be given the maximum penalty for killing a policeman on duty. An awful tragedy for the policeman’s family, hopefully, the court will take into account their loss.


  2. Go to jail. Move directly to jail. That’s all there is to it. There should also have been a civil case against him because the least that he could do would be to give the widow a form of compensation. It won’t bring her husband back but it is her due. As for Chabaut, his barrister was pretty good.


  3. He will be fined/prosecuted depending on his status in the society. This is HOW wrong our country has become.

    R.I.P to the officer and sympathies to the family.

    We should have a NO tolerance for drinking and driving. The courts should use him as an example and sentence him for causing deadly body wounds to a public officer while in exercise of his duties, dangerous driving, driving under the influence of alcohol. In other words, JAIL him for +50 years!


    1. Tushal, mo bien esperer ki sa pas arrive kouma to p dire.

      Sinon inn ler nu dessane lor simer. C’est pas ene accident sa, mais ene crime de sang froid! Boire, condire, apres touye moment ki linn prend so volant apres ki li ti sou la, linn fini commet crime la, li nek pas ti encore konner ki sanla so victime…


  4. Zero tolerance!

    LA peine maximum pou manslaughter bizin appliquer!

    linn touye ene dimoune alors ki li ti p condire en etat d’ebriete, mo pas trouve sa compte dans homicide involontaire, mais ene meutre de sang froid.


    1. Alr selon toa ti zeunesse la ine lever pou touille ene garde sa jour la!! Mo pa trop daccord ek sa..ok li ti boire line fanner mai pa veu dir ki line touye li de sang froid sa mo pa daccord dutt ek sa


      1. mwa mo trouv ca tous les jours parce ki lannee derniere mo ti p roule dan l’ouest tous les matins pou al travay


  5. This kind of statement will certainly not earn him mer friends, right?

    Just my ugly observations as usual: last Friday was bazar day at Vacoas, and some very brilliant bloke from the police administration found it judicious to make it coincide with the “graduation” day of the new police recruits. They made a wonderful display of their amateurish handling of the traffic – compounded by end-of-year rush and bazar day – on that day, but my comment is not about this particular problem, but rather about what can be inferred from some facts:

    – police officers replaced by SMF officers for handling traffic on heavily trafficked roads, with no communication / synchronisation between themselves, forgetting basic safety rules (ok, for once they did find time to wear their fluorescent jackets, but what about at least maintaning eye-contact between themselves and coordination between themselves? One said move, the other no…), like looking where they stand when allowing traffic to move, giving sufficient notice to road users to make a manoeuvre (how can they expect a motorcycle to stop as soon as they raise their hand? Nintendo sa??). In brief, no training was given to these makeshift traffic officers to regulate and channel traffic

    – no parking arrangement made for families attending the “graduation” ceremony.

    – police officers (not the SMF ones) stopping vehicles of families for a chatting with total disregard of (1) road furniture explicity forbidding halting (double yellow lines and no parking zones) (2) their duty to prevent obstructions on heavily trafficked roads

    – the appearance of the vehicles driven by SOME of the famillies of the new police officers and MOST of these new officers was, to say the least, quite disconcerting: “tuning” to the limit of safety/legal requirements, dark windows almost everywhere, booming and deafening music systems, oversized exhausts and aerodynamic “enhancements” and the like. Nice attitude display by those who are supposed to enforce regulations…

    So, are we sure we have the best officers in terms of competence AND attitude?

    It’s the attitude that determines your altitude, they say: so, to adapt to the future altitude, the country will be needing Jean-Jacques Cousteau’s submarines soon…


  6. i just want to leave this message for the criminal. you are trying to buy pity on medical ground, on legal ground, seeking refuge but beware!!!! money can buy everything for you but not the life of the little baby’s father.
    you are a criminal who has killed an innocent although he stopped you. you carried your van on him thinking that there will be no proof behind but you are a loser and you will be punished for what you did man. you have not just killed the police constable but his whole family. on 23rd dec 2012 was the turn of this constable but tomorrow will be your turn. you may escape as much as you want but justice will be done in one way or the other.


  7. you are only 19 years and you have a full life in front of you but taking the life of an innocent so brutally in one sense means you have no heart man.
    drink and drive without tshirt and seeking refuge in a private hospital is no manhood. you may have money to do everything but have you personally judged what you did to that family. instead of lying in the court that you sympathise with the family – just to get out of the cell – why don’t you get really into contact with the family to know their a bit more about their painful and miserable life.

    you have snatched away the happiness of this small family. your family have sympathy for you because you are their son but what about this poor family who have lost their unique son because of your foolish action. instead of throwing money everywhere to be free go and compensate the poor child who will no more see her father and has no guardian to guarantee her future.

    god will surely do justice just keep this in mind!!!!!!


  8. As far as I know, speeding is taken for a manslaughter in the UK, and sentences are compounded with alcohol intake and causing bodily harm to thrid parties… but in Dodoland, we can only shake our heads and shrug our shoulders in utter disbelief…


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