[Insolite] Police motor officer, on his way back home.

Fridays are made to chill. That’s why I try to keep the funniest posts for this special day.

Today, have a look at this picture, shot by Eddy.
(Click to enlarge)

Saw anything special?

If you are among those who did not find nothing interesting, a closer look at the same picture might help you:

Police Moto - Zoomed

Fom what I can see, it seems to be bunch of “laqueue zoignons” as we call it in creole (or some other plant). Just like any of us, he is a human after all. But personally, I found this shot as truly “du-jamais-vu”. Thanks Eddy!

Keep your eyes wide open and mail me any interesting shots you find worth sharing!

Bon weekend to all!

8 thoughts on “[Insolite] Police motor officer, on his way back home.

Add yours

  1. It is clear that the number plate is 130 RM 08. How the beep did I find that? Why did you find it necessary to censor the number plate on all pictures, except the one on the front page of your blog???? 🙂
    I keep reminding you all photographers out there that you can take any picture you want in any public place, that’s a clear-cut case anywhere in the world. Ayo, tansion NS tann sa la, chut…!

    Eh, a fact is a fact: the police officer who parked (illegally? Don’t want to assert anything for fear of spending my vacations in Alcatraz, but he did abandon a State vehicle) the vehicle assigned to him did find time in his incredibly tight schedule to squeeze in a trip to the market and some more for fetching something else: GOD knows what would have decorated that bike if the photographer had stayed until the cop returned… 🙂

    “Just like any of us, he is a human after all.”
    Please correct this statement as follows:
    “ki pou férr, li kouma tou zom maryé, pa énn lépok pou all férr mari-la boudé lah…”




    1. lol. Nice observation skills, as usual. I’m not totally at ease with my tablet yet. So, still making errors 😛
      I just hid the number plates (on the other pics) to just prevent him from having evil looks from the public. Nothing else.

      Mais ene zaffaire selman, sa kantiter laqueue zoignons la, li p al vender ki? Ou peut etre ena 1 grand fete kot li xD

      Thanks for ur comment man!


  2. Enfin li capave gagne probleme si ek bannes authorities even if this is not such an issue. As you know people are always on the lookout for such opportunities or even a small excuse just to make fun of others. Missier la ine mange so riz frite ou mine frite bien ça jour la I hope! 😉


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