Your wishlist for 2013?


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas everyone! Hope that Santa Claus was generous to you this year!

Abiding by all those new year resolutions has always been (nearly) impossible for me, especially if you aim too high. So, instead of quoting these resolutions, this year, the post will be different. Now that we are only a few days away from the new year celebrations, you have probably already done most of your shopping; gifts, clothes, gadgets and accessories.

Have you already thought what are you planning to buy in 2013?

Please don’t ask for the moon. Be realistic., only Americans, Russians and perhaps the Chinese can afford it right now. Not Mauritians. Personally, I’m looking forward to buy a new vehicle and perhaps looking forward for some holidays abroad. At this moment, I have no specific gadgets in my wish list since this year, I acquired a mobile and a tablet.

And for those who are already planning their days off for 2013, here’s the list of the public holidays.

Be responsible

Make the most of these days with your close ones. And remember, no alcohol abuse please. Simply don’t care about the drunk driver but rather with the other innocent victims.




18 thoughts on “Your wishlist for 2013?

Add yours

  1. Lol, you probably missed the right thread for this online shopping post. No disadvantage as such. Anyway, as long you have some international warranty, I guess that it might cost you much less. And take a reliable shopping.


  2. I have been reviewing tablets and I have my eye on the Nexus 10. So my wish is for a decent tablet that I can teach my wife to use too. Being reasonable I would not want her to have access to eBay though.


  3. My wishlist has been ruined when nothing happened on the ill-fated 12/12/12, and even less on 21/12/12, just like the past 13 years on 01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04, etc: I had hoped that the long overdue reign of the human species should have ended to allow that poor planet to recover… Merde alors!


      1. In fact, the last time I heard “connerie de premiere” being used, the guy who uttered it got disqualified in a significant tender… I guess it’s quite a bad omen… 🙂

        Man, you should use it on a Friday 13th of this year itself, and you play a loto with multiples of 13, who knows… 😀


  4. Bonjour a tous,
    Je me suis offert une Nikon D3100 pour la noel 🙂 Je me suis soudainement interesser a la photographie en lisant tous les articles concernant les cameras sur ce blog. J’aimerais remercier Mr Yashvin par la meme occasion car c’est du beau travail 🙂
    Wishlist 2013 :
    1. Tripod
    2 . Uv Filter
    3. Lens Hood ( Saki kuma petal fkeur la! tvr)
    4. Telephoto Lens
    5. Apres 1 lens 18-105
    Apres j’ai une petite question pour monsieur Yashvin, ou se trouve le magasin Era?


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