Man arrested for taking pictures of Labour Party activist! #Mauritius #Democracy #Abuse #Power #Politics

First time ever in Mauritius and perhaps in many countries of the world.

Today, the police arrested a man, Yogida Sawmynaden for having shot the pictures of a woman, Nandanee Soornack, a Mauritian Labour Party activist. These two persons became famous overnight because of this incident on the day of the Municipal Elections. Prior this day, these names were practically ‘unknown’ to the population but because of the turn of events (accusations, legal actions taken, involvement of local media), this has become the talk of the town.

Mrs Nandanee Soornack is being described as being very close to the Labour Party. How close? I wonder why no one, not even the media, will ever say it publicly. Try to find out why.

On the 10th December 2012, this man was in the vicinity of a public government college in Vacoas when he used his mobile phone to take a shot of the said Nandanee, dressed in a red dress and wearing large black sunglasses. The latter summoned him to hand over his mobile phone, in which pictures were still present. Mr Yogida is being accused of “using telephone device to commit mischief” by the CCID and will be brought before a court of justice tomorrow. On top of that, police officers involved have been transfered, possibly because of the way this matter was handled.

Ever since this incident, which I find minor, the local media has been playing a very important role by discussing this on the newspapers or on the private radios. As usual, the national  tv, the MBC has practically remained silent following this incident. Oh yes, nearly forgot. They had broadcasted a nearly 30minutes press conference by the prime minister who was trying to explain why he won the  municipal elections.

Lame and as I said on Facebook;


Now, let’s leave everything in the hands of the law. I just hope that justice will be made else every photographer or even, any person with a mobile fitted with a camera might get arrested anytime in the country. Ever since the recent village and municipal elections held, I have been disgusted with the behavior and acts of the government.

They have finally shown their true colors and probably lost many votes, mine too.

Please note that comments will be highly moderated. I won’t want to see myself behind the bars because of diffamatory or other type of comments. And as you noticed, I did not even take the risk of putting her picture here.


26 thoughts on “Man arrested for taking pictures of Labour Party activist! #Mauritius #Democracy #Abuse #Power #Politics

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  1. I sincerely think it’s high time we raise our voice make say what we have on our mind. We cannot tolerate a dictatorship in this country!!! We are living in a ‘soi-disant’ independent country, democracy etc…total BS!!! This is what I have always called dictatorship masked behind a hypocrite smile :p


  2. You forgot to mention that the policeman who gave the camphone back to the “photographer” was suspended … for handing the phone back.

    I doubt this will set a precedent in the country. Ca cas la bien particulier. 🙂


  3. Thats the start of the Police State….ooh and yes New World Order too. I wonder what topic could be more important than water to discuss? When are we going to start to realise that our water stock is running out and that this is an important issue!! We urgently need atleast four water desalination plants, roads are not so important right now. Gosh it makes me sick when I see people taking “attention hungry fools” seriously and that too for a stupid cause!! Am sorry but who will ask concerned authorities questions about the water problems? When is going to be now?


  4. Dimoune ki exagérer zordi zour… Aller li pena droit tire foto sans permission d’accord. Li pas ine delete photo la apres? Aller maximum confisquer so portable. No need to go so far after that what legal actions. Li pou bizin paye fine? Does it make any sense?

    They are either taking out their frustrations on that person or taking a revenge.

    Zot coumsa grand dimounes mais behave so immaturely. Ena bezer la pou guetter ki qualiter activiste bannes dimounes ki p dirige sa pays la p nourrit!


  5. Being the subject of a PNQ (siouplé!), she easily beats the other one who inserted something in her genitals and faked not one but two kidnappings! And that other one who threatened a Minister in the parliament itself!

    How close to the labour party? This close: er… in fact, Deven T’s caricature of 17 December 2012 was removed by Le Mauricien. It showed an angry woman (with huge black spectables, dressed in red: guess who) silenced by a policeman saying something like:


    Go figure what happened in the meantime…

    Is this soft-balled self-censorship linked with her… links with the party? Or the Leader-Maximo-Supremo? Or, as Bérenger said in Parliament yesterday: ar Jeetah? Or her business activities? Go figure.

    – ” As usual, the national tv, the MBC has practically remained silent following this incident.”
    What about Le Matinal? Never ever heard of that case since Sunday, till now…

    – “Ever since the recent village and municipal elections held, I have been disgusted with the behavior and acts of the government.”
    Yashvin, I bet my money that you’ll be a candidate for migration once you know why that person obtained such VVIP favours – transfer of policemen, arrest and trial of the… receiver of verbal threat, and Dodoland’s GOD knows whatever else may come in the future.


    1. Talking about the national assembly, I am curious to know what person did Navin refer to when talking to Paul. Some R.R if am not mistaken.

      Le Matinal? To tell you the truth, I stopped reading Le Matinal (regularly) ever since they implemented a stupid strategy whereby visitors needed to register tto be able to read their articles. I protested and they removed it some time after but I’m sure that they lost numerous regular readers, like me.

      That caricature is the best one to sum up everything! lol

      (btw @google-364ece096841439f595e156d955a01e4:disqus, I have my own idea of who she is…)


      1. Uh oh… things start to get ugly

        For once, I have to applaud the way l’express chose to react to it. As for Le Mauricien, from the day they removed their own cartoon, I started smelling garlic for them: their balls are really starting to soften / shrink since their new image / formatting style.

        By the way, a very enlightening interview given by the LP’s poukni here. But as any politican, here statements can become own-goals when you consider all (ALL) the parameters in operation in her own background:

        – “Elle [Veena Ramgoolam] ne se met jamais en avant, elle ne fait pas de show autour de sa personne, contrairement à d’autres.”

        – “Mon militantisme des années 70 est toujours là, en moi ( l’index sur la tempe) . Durant ces années- là, j’ai appris à être utile à mon pays, à bâtir une société stable fondée sur le respect de l’autre. (…) Aujourd’hui, qui fait de la formation ? On entre en politique juste pour défendre ses intérêts.”

        – “(…) je sais que les leaders ont deux langues : une pour le grand public, une pour le petit salon.” and ” je suis pour le respect des moeurs et la fidélité conjugale, j’ai toujours prôné ça”

        Ah Dodoland, with its exceptional law-makers and lightning-fast law-enforcers always there for taking all opportunities for taking its pép admirab for a ride and for a good laugh!


      2. Yeah, sure, no comments, only the facts, just plain documented facts: what did you expect else? Talérr mo al béz dormi Alcatraz-la… 🙂

        Mauritius, c’est un plaisir. Tant que tu ferme ta gueule.

        But you can’t manipulate peoples’ opinions: what about a poll about the conduct of our country affairs as the LP is currently doing (is “failing” a better word rather?) it: the handling of the Medpoint affair, the MITD-pedophile case, the Air Mauritius hedging thing, the STC hedging massacre, the manipulation of the interest by the XLD nominees on the BoM board, the management of loss-making casinos, etc?

        Let’s show them Dodoland is still a democracy…


  6. Currently, I am not aware of any Mauritian law allowing or prohibiting the photography of people in public places. That being said, it should never be ok to snatch the property of someone else. People have defended this because it was done to ‘protect a woman’. From what? We’re not a secluded amazonian tribe which is scared that a camera will steal their soul. If a woman took a man’s photo and the man snatched her camera, I bet the media and politicians would give this a whole different spin. Do you honestly believe if a beach vendor snatched the camera of a tourist because the tourist took his photo, the police would summon that tourist to the CCID and secure the tourist’s phone as evidence? You can bet that this beach vendor would end up in jail quickly for assaulting a tourist and attempting to steal a cellphone. This seems to be a classical example of political blocks attempting to settle scores using the police as leverage. And don’t even get me started on the BS charge of using telephone device to cause mischief. Sounds like the police had nothing so they invented something just to be able to present the photographer to a judge and avoid further wrath of their superiors which come down as the sledgehammer we call transfer.


    1. Can you imagine the number of cameras which would have been confiscated and “secured” as evidence? lol.
      On the legal side, I just fear that this case will be dismissed with just a small fine and we will never get to know the real legal framework when it comes to public photography.


  7. What I want to know is how does this affect street photographers in Mauritius?

    If you don’t know, street photography is basically the photographer walking around and snapping pictures of random people on the streets. Since they’re in public, technically the photographer doesn’t need their permission to take their picture.

    So, how does this “incident” affect the work of street photographers? From what I hear, they’re going to pass laws to prevent people taking this kind of picture in the future.

    Granted, the guy here wasn’t a photographer, and he just wanted to snap the picture of a lady. Just ask the guy to hand over his phone, delete the picture and be done with it. Or seize the phone and move on. But imho, it’s being blown out of proportion.


  8. Emotional and this photography issue… Yes, they go along together…

    Now, coming back to vote, there’s without any doubt “un sentiment de degout’. People don’t wanna hear about politics because in every way, it goes dirty. Bonnet Blanc, Blanc Bonnet.


  9. I just read this detailed article on lemauricien:

    Even before I reached the end I guessed what happened.

    In fact, without even reading this article and looking at the whole gagging fiasco, you could tell there was something going on behind the scene.

    How close is she to the party? You can’t get any closer!

    So with all this in mind, I am not surprised at all by the whole situation. It all makes sense. Everything.


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