Rs500 fine for a car light not in working conditions.


Good morning.

A few days ago, a Facebook friend was fined: one of his car rear bulbs was not working, more exactly, the one which lights up the car number plate. At that moment, he was totally unaware that the bulb was in fact burned. It just happened. The police officer applied the law without giving him any chance. That cost him a fine of Rs500 unfortunately. And changing the bulb would have cost exactly Rs10.

Now, some of you can ask how I know the price? Well, to be honest, my car’s bulb was in that condition since weeks now and it’s only during last weekend that I changed it myself. Fortunately, no police officers stopped me meanwhile, else bye bye Rs500.

I wanted to write this on the blog because I know that there are more people like me, waiting for some other day to get something done, i.e Procrastinating.

Act before it becomes too late.

This post has been completely written and edited on the Nexus7 🙂

23 thoughts on “Rs500 fine for a car light not in working conditions.

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  1. Some people (not referring to this case) should be fined!

    For example: there’s a van. Since the last 2 weeks, he is still without a left headlamp. So he uses his FULL headlight on the right side which is quite a pain for the opposite driver.

    Coming to the blog post, the police officer could give him like a few days to fix the light.


      1. Yes, heard about that.

        One of them was on the verge of exploring my very dirty boot for sticking too much to their quota of “routine check” the other evening… I “inadvertently” opened the boot while the guy was only asking to see my driving licence: he back-pedalled quickly when he realised that either

        (a) he would have to move all those muddy/greasy/mouldy carpets and rugs to see my spare wheel and fire extinguisher


        (b) it was not a private car he was inspecting (probably chances of obtaning some tea-money were too small).

        In the end, he let me go.


    1. mo full daccord, ena 2 kaliter dimoune ki bizin beze lamane

      1. ban dimune ki ene coter phare pas marcher ek roule ek full..

      2. ban lespece nimporte ki met ban lamiere blanc ki pas stock, sa mari fatigue lizier akoz li brighter than full in some cases, ek cav cause accident, plis ban ki roule ek full dans ban lendroit ki relativement bien eclairer.

      Bien rare mo trouve lapolice arete le nombre ki mo croisee lor chemin, mo demann moi si jamais arete zot meme…

      Bientot, pou bizin met rayban asoir si..


  2. hw will i knw they are not working?! Should ask someone to check it while am in the car now…

    else alwayz wear your seat belt.. 😛 😛 2100rs for such an offense…even if its for a 1st time!!


      1. mo get cashier la so figire kn li dir mw 2100rs!! Cashier la em p dir so camarade..avan ti 500rs sa :/ enkr 1er offense..enfin zot pa pu regagne mo cash akz sa aster!!


  3. Oh, so these traffic wardens actually happen to see these little offences…? WOW… Sorry for the guy who had to pay the 500 Rupees, but I’d like to invite this specific policeman to pressure his hierarchy exert the same level of scrutiny to ALL (I insist: ALL) vehicles and ALL (I insist: ALL) road-users at ANY (I insist, ANY) time of the day and night so that justice is seen to be done even handedly, not the in the current haphazard, random “guétt-figir” mode.

    Only then mentalities can change towards safe usage of roads.


    1. I don’t think they will stop that mentality!

      taler zot aret 1 bmw. ek chauffeur la dan meme pena license, faire policier la transfer!


  4. What if. .When the driver checked his vehicle, the bulb was working. But mid way on the road, the bulb stopped working. How in the hell will he know?


      1. Definitely en tort, yes I agree with Ashvin but I also side on Tushal’s side as an electric failure can happen anytime, perhaps just seconda before the police stops you. Bad luck :p


  5. i have been fined Rs500 for this particular offence.

    It is so very easy to miss out that part. Am pretty sure no one here, would have noticed it, unless some informed them. When you check your car, u generally check for the most critical lights, headlight, tailights, signal lights.

    I do not completely agree with the philosophy of this law. The idea behind putting the new plates was for enhanced is reflective enough for you to see it when light from a car behind hits it. But then, what about the front plate? have you ever been in front of your vehicle in the dark with you headlights on? u can’t read the plate..unless you are driving in the opposite direction and ur lights hit the plate..y not put a bulb there, both work in the same way essentially?

    That said, have you ever notice the approach of the cops when they are about to fine you? i once got fined for wearing a bluetooth kit, the cop comes to you like this ‘Missier eski ou konner pas gagne droit servi oreillette bluetooth lor volant?’ he doesnt give you time to respond, and announces ‘d’apres la loi li ene offence ek mo p prend ou en contravention pou sa faute la’

    same thing for the lights

    ‘eski ou konner ou la limier plaque immatriculation pas allumer?’

    NON! mo pas konner!

    and i got fine nonetheless

    should i be fined for ignorance, not of the law, but that the light was not on?? I don’t even know if it was working or not when i set off, for all i know it may have burned while i was driving, how would i ever f**ing know that what driving? so why should i be fined?

    Unfortunately i got that contravention on the eve of me flying out for three months. So i took a fixed penalty, else i would have liked to take it to court..


  6. my dad had one such similar experience owing to his motorcycle’s fore-headlight..garde la aret li apres li check so phar, b normal phar la pu alume feb unless li p rouler…. bane gard zordi zour la mo dir twa, zot roD m defo la…


  7. Sometimes unintentionally you find yourself breaking the law and when that happens to an innocent, then it seems unfair and the person might have been unlucky at that moment. However, there are many drivers who deserve those fines and much more and if only they were caught on, that would make driving a much better experience.


  8. Well looks like I was not the only one to get done for this. Mine experience date 10 years ago, was driving down on the motorway about 11pm, when a police officer (traffic) stop me for my number plate llights. It was in working conditions but very dim but he issue me a Rs 500 fine. Then he said he will write it off if I got some change. I didn’t had any change on me but he took my 20 matinée I just bought.


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