Anyone won prices by scratching… Total or Shell cards?

Ever since they launched their scratch cards for every Rs500 spent in the Shell and Total fuel pump stations, I have been collecting cards which are good only for the trash. And since some days, I have been asking in my surroundings if anyone had more chance. Till now, only one friend has won… Rs 50 at one of Shell’s pump stations..

So now, let me ask the same question on the blog.

Anyone earned any cash when scratching those Shell or Total cards? Or perhaps you know someone who won something?

And for those who play to the loto, don’t forget to save your numbers onto in order to get instanteneous personalised results (with your winnings, if any) into your mailbox.

May the God of Luck be with you!

29 thoughts on “Anyone won prices by scratching… Total or Shell cards?

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  1. En 2010, avant election zénéral, Cehl Meeh ti dire ki si so parti
    gagne mazorité dans parlement, li pou faire arret tout sa ban jeux du
    hazards la. Li fine dire (and i quote): “Kisisa!? Pas capav dimoune
    besoin grater pou gagne cash!”

    Par contre, toi Yashvin… to per encouraz dimoune grater!


    1. Mo pas p encourager mais par contre, mo fek rapel ene dialog party malin, which goes like:

      “Party Malin p dirrrrrrr: Gramatin kant dimoune lever, liziers pas encore laver mais zotte p gratte cartes!”


  2. Zero lalo. Mo mette environ Rs3000 lessence par semaine.
    Mo met lor shell et total depuis promoin commencer et zero ki apelle zero


  3. Mone depense plus ki Rs10K lessence (mo mette juste Shell dans loto) depuis debut sa promotion la … pane gagne ene sou !


  4. Not once. Rs 2000 fuel per week. One pump operator at a total station in the North even gave me two instead of one when I put Rs. 500 worth fuel , saying ‘person pankor vin dir moi lin gagn kiksoz dan sa filling la, gratter nou geter’. Needless to say..


  5. Nope…nothing…maybe it’s high time people face them with their shit…ARNAQUE!!! VOLEUR!!! COUYONEUR!!! For example, lottery tickets at supermarkets etc… YOU should look for the results as they WILL NOT contact you,,,then why the shit do we waste time writing our names & phone numbers? Maybe more shit games, offers occur everywhere around the island…can’t we sue them for misleading advertising etc??? Arnaque???


    1. Sh, sh, sh…

      Calme-toi ma fi.

      Souviens-toi qu’un brave et régulier commentateur de Yashvinblogs qui décrivait avec une mordante ironie que Dodoland devrait être rebaptisée RAPELAND, par rapport à la relation inverse de l’espoir suscité et du résultat d’offrir de l’argent pour n’importe quel service en ce doux pays…

      Sh, sh, sh….


  6. every week we put rs1500/- fuel at total…….since long time……scratched so so many cards!!!!!!! But NEVER EVER got any price 😦


  7. i have about 20-25 ‘carte desoler’ de shell. my dad won 1 ‘porte clef’ total.. ine ecrire ziste total ladan, rien extra! pa kwar porte clef la veau meme rs10 :-/


  8. Rs3000 diesel at Shell each week different stations in Plaine Wilhiems, one guy who i knew even gave me around 20 cars once and i always get the ‘desole’ the petrol station guy himself said no one has won anything yet by knowledge… i think its a total waste for time


  9. Seriously, do people expect to win these nonsense? Just continue with your normal life. You need fuel, you go to any station nearby, put the amount you need. If they got a ticket or anything, take it. else go away.

    Same principle applies for supermarkets. Scratch cards do not attract me. Promotion on article does.

    One does not simply expect luck. Nonsense. Luck comes when it wishes to come. In the same way, you can’t count to infinity twice. LOL.


  10. Update:

    Yesterday, I refuelled the car at a Total station along the motorway, near Stade Anjalay. It is only after paying that they told me that their stock of cards is finished and pointed his fingers to a notice fixed on their wall. Damn!

    As from today, I’m going back to my old ways; refueling in Shell and Indian Oil (namely because of their good service).

    Total, to ena raison. Mo pas pu vine kot toi par hasard si 😛


  11. I have 8 cards to scratch. XD. Any volunteers?

    P:S Yashvin, it will be nice to make a poll to know where the majority of goes for refuelling. Engen, Total, Indian oil and for what specific reasons.


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