Oh my god!

Whassup people?

A few weeks ago, I watched this movie at home. Since then, I strongly wanted to write about it simply because I find this movie really special. Released a few months earlier, the superhit bollywood movie ‘Oh my god!‘ has more or less brought my personal feelings and belief onto screen. Despite not being a big film-aholic, I was truly entertained by the movie which mainly talks about a man and his (non) belief in God.

The main character literally makes fun of the prayers, deities and beliefs of people despite that he owns a commerce selling god idols and related stuff. One day, an earthquake strikes the country and his shop is the only one destroyed. His insurance company then informs him that the small print of their agreement: Events caused by “Act of god” are not covered.

For the remaining part of the movie, the main actor sues religious leaders who ‘represent’ the deities on earth. He brings forward the numerous ways how these leaders and their organisations fool people, steal their money and how money and resources are wasted while performing prayers.

Even in Mauritius…

IMHO, what was shown through this movie is purely based on daily real-life scenarios. Just to quote a few examples:

  • Few years back, I was listening to music through my earphones in Port Louis when I came across a lady with a large white tikka, distributing brochures. When she voluntarily handed over one of them to me. While I was going to grab it, she made signs to me to give pay her.
    WTF? She was handling god-related things to people and was asking money in return. I nearly threw (not really) her thing back to her and pursued my way.
  • Why do tourists need to pay to enter a temple in Grand Bay???
    That place is in no-way a commercial business, for whatever reasons!
  • As you know, I recently got married and for this occasion, I had to buy loads of Pooja Samaan (stuffs needed during the prayers). The profit margin earned by retailers as compared to buying the same stuff in Port Louis is extraordinary exaggerated, sometimes with over 500% profit!!!

Did you watch the movie?

Any more examples to share?

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  1. We live in 2012, people still believe in bullshits. Seriously, these people are making huge amount of money on your back.

    You can believe in something, nobody cares, but keep it or yourself. I don’t give a shit if you are a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Agnostic or whatever, all I know you are a human first. You respect me, I respect you! I don’t care your belief!

    Moreover, government should stop financing religions here. It is a waste of money. Tax payers are not only for one specific person but for all. I don’t want my money to be spent on something I don’t care! If you have a belief, gather your own community to finance and support it. Do not rely on the public in general!

    How many so-called damn religious people are rich? Most of them! Many of them are involved in scandals as well, and you still count on them for your prayers? I am not saying ALL OF THEM are bad, but many are!

    If you believe in a God or whatever, do your prayers with pure intention, not through someone!Use your logic next time when paying someone to do it or you!


  2. awesome movie. depicts the real life of many people. surtout sa bane politico-religious people ki faire dimune manz tt kaliT kozer!! 1 bane dialogue ki mone extra apprecier c : Krishna (akshay kumar) ” I only made humans…and humans started this business of caste, religion, etc.” [translated version]


    1. Today, it is difficult to create a religion like we used to centuries ago. But we can create sects. We can create new sects or different sects from a religious belief itself. From this, we can get money.

      It is easy to brainwash people. Religious people (Most of them) believe in everything. If you say God appeared under a tree in a place, they will believe it. Just like those who spread ghost rumors. 3 years ago, they said there was a talking baby at Point aux Piment, and believe me, many people believed in it. It is the same like those who believe 2012 is the end of the world!

      Many sects have become famous from brainwashing people. They are rich. For example, Rael! I don’t know if you have it but Rael is a sect which believes in UFO and Aliens our creators. Today, Rael has about 40,000 adherents world wide. They practiced sexual meditation, partners sharing in sex (Swinger), and many others. In the sect, it is said you must give about 10% of your income, even its not obligatory. I have criticized Rael on my blog and did get threats but I don’t give a care.

      When sects started growing, they ask more until they become a religion recognized by the state. This is dangerous. They are here to make money! Take example of Scientology!


  3. I would like to see this movie, plenty of good actors in it. Which brings me to a question I have. Without wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings but if you do not believe in a particular religion why is it that some have a religious marriage? Is it because of family pressures or to please the partner or by tradition? Why not just have a civil marriage?


    1. You got the point right. Since marriage involves 2 whole families, not only the new couple, you should respect their beliefs. Even if I do not believe in all things. But as far as I’m concerned, on a personal basis, I do not abide by any of the doings devotees usually do.


      1. Nops. Besides, it might be interesting to note that many priests and even marriage halls require you to present your wedding certificate as proof before performing the rituals.


      2. Wedding certificate you mean the one from court? And what if someone does not want to have a civil marriage but only religious marriage? There are many persons did this!


      3. Lol, reading all these procedures have made me to neglect marriage itself more! I don’t see the importance of marriage personally. Well, not all people will agree with me I know, but this is my opinion!


  4. “I recently got married and (…) I had to buy loads of Pooja Samaan”

    Heh, hard on the pocket, uh?

    Now wait for the yearly ‘sanz-pavyon’, the annual prayers stuff and the eatery that accopanies it and then you’ll be talking 🙂


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