The Google Nexus 7 – A review? Not really.

As a geek and regular online-shopaholic, this tablet was on my wish list ever since its launch by Google. Last week, I finally came across a good deal on eBay: unbeatable price, top ebay seller and reliable shipping by DHL. As usual, the purchase was a few clicks away and the shipping from United States took only 3-4 days but delivery was delayed because of the weekend. Damn weekend!

As for most of my purchases, I’m always excited and impatient to grab my new gadgets! Earlier today, instead of waiting for the door-to-door delivery of the parcel which reached Mauritius on Saturday, I rushed to DHL. After paying the amount due for the VAT and processing fees, I walked to office, unboxed the device and got connected to the net through wifi.

Choosing a tablet

You still remember about my recommendations for the Kindle 3 (Read review)? Probably the best value for money ebook reader. And today, as an Android fan, I feel that the Google Nexus 7 wins the tablet battle in every single way!

Ever since my quest for a tablet, I was amazed by what Google was offering in terms of Android and their flagship devices, the Google Nexus series. And to tell you the truth, I’m not really an apple fan. The Google Nexus 7, which is also the second Android-powered device I acquired this year, has impressed me till now. I have spend endless hours reading reviews and viewing youtube videos. I would advise you to do the same if you are planning to grab a tablet.

For the curious ones;

What’s next?

I feel that this gorgeous Nexus 7 will really motivate me to work on an android app for my personal project, Something else which is on my mind right now: NFC Tag. I will also be trying games on the new tablet to have a look at the graphics, which looks promising. And finally (for now), upgrade to the latest Android 4.2.1

Keep tuned for more updates!

36 thoughts on “The Google Nexus 7 – A review? Not really.

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    1. The question you have to ask yourself:

      Do you plan to use you tablet to do phone calls? If your answer is NO then, like me, you’ll probably have a phone on you anyway.

      In my case, I always carry my Nexus S (smartphone) everywhere I go. This phone is capable of tethering its 3G connection through USB, Bluetooth or Wifi. So what I do is tether my 3G internet connection to my Nexus 7 through Wifi and Voila!

      I can tell you that I do not see any noticeable lag in my 3G internet connection while using it on my Nexus 7. Actually internet browsing on my Nexus 7 is MUCH MUCH faster (and enjoyable) than doing the equivalent on my Nexus S. I am sure that it has to do with the huge memory and processor speed of the tablet.

      That is, what I would call, optimization. I did not plan to throw away (or sell/donate) my phone and I did not plan to buy an overly-expensive tablet (like every device with an “i” in front of its name). So for just $250, I’ve got all that I want.


  1. i am still convinced of IOS for tablet and Android for Phone.

    Which is the current configuration i have.

    The Nexus is very cost effective. What about warranty? in the time i had purchased a Galaxy tab, when it stopped working after 6months of usage, i was cursing myself for wasting MUR 21k on this then top of the line tablet, my warranty was valid in the UAE only, and local samsung representatives couldnt get it repaired locally, repairs would cost 3/4 of the price of the tablet. so not it is sleeping in a drawer. If you are not getting any warranty, you might as well root the device if you want to do some RnD. Have rooted my LG P970 (also bought in dubai), running JB cyanogen mod, the best android version i’ve used on a phone. and well, i was about to throw away the phone, until i got the JB, will keep it for some months more..


    1. I rooted my HTC Chacha some months back and I love it too. But I guess that I will leave the Nexus’ OS untouched for some time. I might reconsider afterwards 🙂

      As for warranty, well. Most items we purchase from eBay do not have warranty. That’s part of the risk unfortunately. But for the Nexus 7, I don’t know. Need to get that checked 🙂

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Thanks for the information. I am also checking the market place for a new tablet. I have been interested in the Google Nexus 10. Don’t know if it will be available in MRU. Am reading reviews but waiting until the end of year to see what will be offered. Look forward to reading your assessment of the performance of the Nexus7.


  3. Ashvin when you say Shipping DHL took 3-4 days (in the ebay link above for shipping to mauritius it says “FedEx International Economy”, did u use that or the FedEx International Priority one?

    Also can you give a breakdown of the Vat and DHL Processing fee?


  4. Glad to see a proud owner of the N7. It’s a very cool tablet. Been using my N7 with 3G MiFi (when it’s not tethered to my phone) and bluetooth keyboard. When I’m not using the-tablet for work-related tasks, I play Ingress. The game looks fantastic on the N7.
    Have loads of fun!


  5. Fuck. I bought my 16gb n7 for usd 280 and usd 40 shipping.

    Also the screen is popping out on the left. Really poor quality.

    You got a real good deal. My next buy will be the google nexus 4. A quad core smartphone for usd300


    1. Good question.
      The price on Google is the 16GB version (initially 8GB upon launch) while the one I purchased is the 32GB one.
      If you buy directly from Google Play, I think that the 32GB version isapproximately $20 cheaper.


  6. Hi, I came across your blog by accident and i’m very impressed! So i wanted to ask for your feedback 1 month after using the nexus 7. Did you have any quality or fragility or durability issue with it? According to some reviews online, i read that it was the only down point with the nexus 7, quality control…


    1. Hello.
      Well, to tell you the truth, I ❤ the nexus7. When I'm at home, it is with me all the time (nearly). Always connected to Chat, Mail, Facebook, Games and so on.

      However as you said, you should be very careful. I guess that any tablet needs that extent of precaution. Even mobile phones but they are less prone to screen cracks because of their size. Already purchased my case but still waiting for it.

      If you have to choose, Go for it! For the price and the features 🙂


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