Trouver chaussure à son pied.

Finding a new pair of shoes has always been a headache for me and this has been the case for several years now, ever since my feet no more fitted in shoes of size 44/45. I normally need to go round the island to find one. Fortunately, there are shops which do import a few large (giant?) sized shoes, most often with a very limited range of models.

Once, I nearly shouted angrily at the owner of a shoe shop. After trying a few pairs of shoes, none of them fitted to my feet. The owner then said “pas gagner souliers pu to size“. Stupid man! I would have been walking bare feet if shoes for my size were not manufactured! I controlled myself and walked out of the shop calmly.

(Above : Sandals in the form of fish)

Months back, while I was around in Port Louis with a colleague, we entered a shoe shop. My usual words when looking for a pair of shoes are “Tire pli gros soulier zot ena“, regardless of the price. On hearing that pharse, my colleague added : “Ammene boite souliers la si, si soulier la pas zisse, li pu essaye boite la!

We were all amused and I still laugh at this joke each time I tell it to someone 🙂

I always take the search for a pair of shoes for me as a new adventure. Sometimes, I can grab one easily, like today but it happens that I finally come across one at the other corner of the island. You need to be patient because it is not always easy to find a pair of shoes that can easily be used as swimming fins/flippers (la patte canard) for others.

Anyway, have a nice time and consider yourself lucky if you can easily choose from hundreds of models.

btw, rest re-assured, the ladies “sandal” used in the first picture above was just for display in a shop.  I was amused and wanted a picture with it, as you rightly guessed, for this blog article.

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  1. I feel your pain as I have the same problem (maybe worse). Even on websites, it’s hard to find those willing to ship to Mauritius & having that size.

    It would good idea for everyone to comment where they buy the bigfoot-sized shoes.

    Starting with me. If you want ‘chaussure la peau’ there’s a shop in front of Casernes (La Gare Victoria). Sells from 45-54 I think. 🙂


    1. Saturday, I bought a nice Reebok shoes at CitySport, 46-47 I think. It was being sold at half price. Despite I don’t need it immediately, I took it, for the future 🙂

      Else, I know the shop in front of Casernes, but last week, I found another shop, along Leoville L’homme street (The street from Sir William Street and going towards Young Bros). The price at this shop seemed to be more cheaper. Selling only classic shoes, as the Caserne’s shop and as you can guess, only one model.


  2. Guys, trust me your’s are an easier task. For girls searching for + size shoes in mru is really horrendous. My shoe size is 41, i had those big feet since my teen days 13/14 years. Before it was effingly impossible. For around 5 years i had to make my aunty (who lives in italy) to send my various shoes. Now its easier with woolworths/truworths, i can find them- but nevertheless the scope for choice is very minimal. Most of the time, i need to squeeze my feet in a 40 :/


  3. I feel the pain : My standard intro in the shoe shops : “Show me the 45s” and you get to see very models & walk out way more quicker than if you had asked after seeing a nice model ” Do you have this in my size”. I ordered on Ebay once, and got good sizes, and the shoes ares still good today

    Julien R has big sizes (even 41 for ladies yaj), and has several outlets.


  4. Thanks for writing about shoes/sizes! My husband and I love hiking in the Gorges (did a wonderful walk there Saturday) – or just walk everywhere… Our problem are good hiking/trekking shoes – size 41/42 – where to get it? I love Reebok shoes, but so far never got my size here – sigh. Btw, my husband is flat footed and need good shoes… Buying shoes here is a pain!


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