Three cheers for the Blog Day 2012!

Since a couple of years already, bloggers from different parts of the world have been celebrating the Blog Day (journée mondiale du blog) on the 31st August. To commemorate this day, the Defimedia group has published an article in yesterday’s edition of the DefiQuotidien, in which the concept of blogging is introduced, altogether with a few words by Mauritian bloggers, describing their personal experience around this activity. I must add that it is probably the first time that this event is given some importance in the island.

(Above extracts are from Le Defi Quotidien – 30th August 2012)

Additionally, RadioPlus also called me yesterday for a short talk about my blog. Nothing is sure for yet, but it should be on air today on RadioPlus. [Update : No “me” on the radio]

Many thanks to the Defimedia group for covering this special day and bringing the concept of blogs to a wider audience. Grabbing this same opportunity, my thanks also goes to Scope Magazine for their previous articles here and here. Many people perhaps do not realise that apart from the traditional media, Mauritian blogs have been contributing a lot to your daily quest for information related to Mauritius and life here.

Before the final words, please do visit the few recently active Mauritian blogs in my personal bookmarks :

Whether you have been writing essays/assignments, conducting research works, trying to voice out your concerns on the net, looking for recipes or some solutions to problems in your daily life or finding out how to purchase items on the net, you have surely (and perhaps unknowingly) stumbled on one of the blogs, written by a fellow Mauritian. You have probably never left a comment or shared that article among your friends and family members but we, bloggers, consider that precious visit of yours as one of the reasons motivating us to continue writing, without expecting any favor in return.

Happy Blogging Day 🙂

Thank you for reading.



14 thoughts on “Three cheers for the Blog Day 2012!

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  1. Happy Blog Day. These personal blogs are a supplement to anyone wanting to get a feel for the interests, events, projects and aspirations of ordinary citizens. An excellent method to interact on a variety of subjects. An entertaining way to develop communication skills.


  2. Ah! I see I feature in your list. Cheers!
    FWIW, this is the fourth or fifth incarnation of I like to clean up from time to time 🙂


  3. Hello and Happy Blogging Day 2012 to the Mauritian Blogging Community. Well, there are indeed only a few active blogs till now..Maybe a bloggers meeting 2012 could boost the sleeping blogging instinct of the many in our community…?



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