“Le phénomène des blogs”, à lire sur Weekend Scope

L’édition hebdomadaire du Weekend Scope a encore une fois consacrée deux pages entières aux blogs Mauriciens. Je vous invite à vous procurer l’édition de cette semaine (du 20-26 juin 2012) ou tout simplement de vous connecter sur le site afin de prendre connaissance du contenu des pages 98-99. Interviewé tout comme moi, carrotmadman6 a aussi publié son article.

J’espére vraiment que la machinerie du blogosphere Mauricien se remet en marche afin de réveiller les blogueurs qui sommeillent en nous.

Merci à Weekend Scope pour cette initiative et aussi, merci à tous pour votre participation!



6 thoughts on ““Le phénomène des blogs”, à lire sur Weekend Scope

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  1. The annual mainstream media article on blogging … They should have a dedicated (weekly) section for local blogs and websites, just to show the public that there is an active Mauritian community on the (not Facebook) web.


    1. True.

      But I feel that there might be some reluctance on behalf of journalists to do this. That’s just an impression I have, but they might be against the “Citoyen Journalisme” and some of them might not accept the fact that bloggers do publish news too. We kindda spoil the headlines by doing a few announcements first xD


      1. Not convinced by this argument. There are no pro-bloggers who systematically chase scoops and drive clicks away from the mainstream media. It’s more to do with them not being bothered. But still is a pity.


      2. Now, be convinced that it’s not just Yashvin’s impression that the other traditional press is actually quite condescendant about Mauritian bloggers… These people, “imbus de leur propre personne”, happen to believe that “Citoyen Journalism” can’t exist just because their authors lack an academic qualifications in journalism.

        As if a degree in mechatronics engineering was a pre-requisite for driving any motorised vehicle…


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