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Important announcement

The project is shutting down. Well, to be sincere, we did not think that our journey will end so soon after the launch of this free email service in April 2012. You might remember that some time back, we even thought about creating a mobile app too but the project never really took place. However, with the very efficient official app of the Lototech company, we realised that verifying results became even more fun.
We have been personally using the official app since some months now and indeed, we highly recommend you to switch to it too. Our web site will be still available for the next few days but we will shut it down soon after.

We hope that you enjoyed our email announcements after every draw on Saturdays. 
Good luck for the future!
Your friends from
Date : 28 December 2016

Initial post :

Welcome back!

Last time, I briefly introduced this personal project, the Smoothly running on a stable version since the past weeks, I hereby officially launch the site, made possible with the helping hands of a small team and some beta testers (including the first users). Before continuing, I thank everyone who tried the web site and sent suggestions/bugs/critics. Thank you!

How does it work?

The objective behind the site is very straight forward.

After the official results announcement on the television (and radio), many players actually search the web for the loto results. Once you get hold of the results (either on the web or through tv/radio), you now need to manually check each combination of numbers. That can be pretty tedious especially if you played several times.

Well, will now take care of everything.

All that you need to do is :

1. To enter the numbers onto the site and once the results are proclaimed.

2. Check your mail after results announcement!

A sample mail goes as follows :

The algorithms running behind will first of all check if you have played any combinations right (either 3,4,5 or 6 numbers) and then mail you the winning combinations as well as any number combinations played right.

You can also choose number combinations saved for previous weeks, receive mail alerts even if you have not played and in a near future, connect via your Facebook account.

Why should you register to use it?

Pretty simple!

If you don’t register, to which email address will we send you the results? Additionally, the registration process ensures that you do not enter somebody’s else email address onto the site.

About the project

The project was in my mind since months already but due to work commitment, I have been able to kick start the project only in late December. Since then, a tiny team was set up to write the bits and pieces of code which make up the whole site. We have finally been able to put a first version live in February 2012 and we improved the site from the feedback gathered from the first users.

What’s next?

We currently have only a basic version of the site running live on However, we have quite a few features that we hope to be able to include in the next few weeks. Some of these are :

  • Integrate Facebook social plugins into the site
  • SMS for registration and submitting/receiving numbers
  • Mobile application (Iphone/Android)
  • Some boring stuff like Trend analysis and statistics
If you stumble across bugs, don’t hesitate to mail the team at info[@]mauritiusloto[dot]com or just leave a comment below. It might happen!

Join us!

Being a Mauritian, we all know that we love free stuffs. We guarantee you that the usage of the web site will always be free.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for announcements regarding the site as well as results details. To be part of the project, click here to proceed to the web site to register yourself and remember, verifying your loto combinations will never be so simple!

>> Click here to start entering your loto numbers.

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  1. Nice job, a useful tool. I have been using it and it saved me the trouble of checking my results. Nice touch having the result of your own played numbers.


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