1st May 2012 will be different

They tried to make a difference. Well, in my opinion, this 1st May 2012 will indeed be special as compared to all those years on which everyone talked only about political parties.

As announced by the minister Shakeel Mohamed a few days back, the official programme for this year’s Labour Day (Fete du Travail) is available on the government portal. He expressed his desire to make  this day some kind of family day for workers. Discounted rates are being offered for various activities round the island and even cinema tickets will be made available at a cheaper price!

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures below. Click on the images to enlarge.

So, have you made up your mind? Where are you heading on next Tuesday? 🙂

How do you find this initiative of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment?

8 thoughts on “1st May 2012 will be different

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  1. Bonne Initiative !!!!! Une question reste poser toutefois- les gens vont -ils avoir un moyen de transport pour se rendre a ces endroits ??? il parait que tous les bus ont deja été requisitionnés par les differentes parties pour leur meeting.  Ou bien bane programmes la apres meeting ca ??? 


  2. That’s nice and that’s something different!! It would be better than going to the meetings et batte biss!! 😛
    However as Eric said, it’s only for those who will have a means of transport available, in case all buses will be booked on that day to go to the meetings… 
    It might also be a political move! :/


  3. tention kan prend bis pou ale sa bane loisirs la li fer detour meeting avant apres li ale kot zote p envie aller… 😛


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