Send money to Mauritius via Paypal?

Good morning!

Late last night, some tweeps posted about  Mauritius being in the list of countries to which you can actually send money. After a quick verification, Mauritius was indeed right there, since how long, I really don’t know.

Update (May 2015) : Several users have reported that it is now possible to withdraw money from Mauritius. 

Update (May 2012) : After posting this page, @Inf checked too but finally came to the conclusion  that Receiving from Mauritius is still not possible. I repeat : Receiving money to Mauritius is not possible. In fact, the wordings used on their page is somewhat misleading. It should be “Send money to Anyone in the Growing Paypal Network from these countries“.

@Joshua was indeed right!

So, now editing this post to get things clear unfortunately.

This is going to change a hell lot of things. So many people are waiting for this because, it was impossible for Mauritians accounts to receive money through Paypal. Hence, as from now, you can ask people to pay you directly through Paypal and normally, you should be able to include Paypal buttons onto your e-commerce web site.

I think that this piece of information is worth sharing too : As per Paypal’s web site, withdrawals are not permitted yet with these Mauritian accounts, not yet. Also, do take some time to go through Paypal’s web site and read about commission fees that might be applicable.

I am currently trying to see if this really works. I will update this post if there’s any progress.

If anyone has additional info, don’t hesitate!

Have a nice week!


25 thoughts on “Send money to Mauritius via Paypal?

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      We got excited for nothing :S
      They should be more precise when listing those countries by saying : “List of countries from where you can send money”.

      Need to update that post again now!


  1. Update : 

    So much excitement for nothing!

    @758d7a3155d4780a92cb6340ad579a89:disqus was right, Mauritius was always there, in the list of countries “FROM WHERE” you can actually send money.
    Thanks to @Infrulz:disqus for investigating too.



  2. it says Make and Receive PAYMENTS  (not funds – there is a difference) but need to verify if receive ‘payments’ also is possible :/


  3. NO it not possible, had it possible the receiving tab on the menu should be visible. Damn it, only depriving us from doing business online. Why could the Govt do something about it!!!


  4. Well, I just have to say it; Cyber Island on its best! I have been in touch with PP recently (last year/this year) and they have confirmed ‘receiving money via PP in Mauritius is not yet an option due to regulations’. I think it is rather ridicilous; we are encouraged to set up our own business and then we meet the ‘red tape’! As far as I know, there are many countries in Africa which have this feature, so why not Mauritius?! Personally I had to go through my native country (I’m not a Mauritius) to get a PP receiving money account.


  5. I came across the site which is a mauritian site. I noticed that you can pay them with paypal. How is it possible since they are in mauritius?


    1. I can’t confirm but if that’s true, it is possible that they registered their Paypal account on somebody’s else name, residing in another country. This means that despite they might physically be here, financially, they receive their money in another country.


  6. i bought an item on eBay but never received it. now that the seller agreed to refund me( he cannot do it through eBay i think since it has been more than 60 days and the item is no longer on the list), he informed me that he’s unable to send me my money through Paypal. now what? does this mean that i won’t get my money back? o.O


  7. I contacted MCB and they told me PayPal can send money to Mauritius. And it will be credited on credit card account and you have to to go the bank to have the money transferred from credit card to saving account.


    1. “I contacted MCB and they told me PayPal can send money to Mauritius. And it will be credited on credit card account and you have to to go the bank to have the money transferred from credit card to saving account”
      Did you actually try it? Or you only got the information from the MCB without actually verifying if it really works?


  8. I have used paypal in mauritius to receive money.. i registered as an indian…
    now its useless.. coz there are other restrictions added to indian pp accounts.


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