That road layout was made to kill.


2 deaths, 5 people hurt. From radio broadcast, the brakes of the lorry failed on its way to the capital.

However, this is not the first accident there and probably it won’t be the last one unless the authorities take immediate action. But what action can they take? Large speed breakers? Speed camera detectors? 24/7 presence of police officers in that area?

Most of these accidents are mainly being caused because of the road design itself, being first of all a dangerous curve, the root of all the problems there. The most dangerous one in the whole road infrastructure of the island.

While I agree that some road users might be at fault too, but that road layout is simply BS. There’s nothing about security of road users. A motorway with a speed limit of 40km/hr! As per my figures (Nov 2011), 15 accidents have been recorded there.

Another fact, less than 1km away, authorities once brought the speed limit to 70km/hr. As a direct consequence, the traffic at that area was dense and caused lots of inconveniences. Only then, they realised that they needed to raise the speed limit.

Did they make any wild guess to put a 70km/hr speed limit there?

I do not know about your feelings, but I am disgusted with a feeling of revolt against the road authorities.  I am no road engineer but as a road user, I fear each time I go through that curve. There are so many factors that can cause accidents there. And they have been there since months and most probably for a few additional couple of months.

Credits to @yurit0s for the picture.

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  1. Road infrastructure is at blame certainly but ask any European tourist about the Mauritian driving way and you’ll learn a lot


  2. Road infrastructure needs major improvement FAST… The Phoenix roundabout with its flop by-pass is as dangerous… Police do not seem to care that traffic is dense till nearly 8pm daily and they close the by-pass at 630pm or 7pm, with the result that ppl are zig-zagging their way through the highway… God, when will they start behaving like professionals?… 


  3. The Pheonix roundabout and what completely utter useless by pass is one of the BIGGEST fail of the road authorities.

    The S-bend is completely BS. 2 buses can’t do the S bend at the same time side by side. I had said it before and saying it now. The S- bend is a pathetic attempt at a road layout. I wonder who are the engineers who decided that. Must be having political backing. 

    Now they will reduce the speed to 20km/h! #sarcasm. And if an accident happen again, they will tell you that. . From now onwards, you need to get down your vehicle and push it through the S-bend. After the bend, you can go back to doing 80Km/h!


  4. All the road users can see how dangerous is the that part of the
    motorway and there is lots of accident that had occurred there because
    of the dangerous diversion. However the concerned authority cannot see
    anything wrong about that and no action is being taken to solve this
    problem…. i do not know what they are waiting for. They are supposed
    to be experts and suppose to give the authorisation for such diversion
    based on studies and survey carried out by them.

    But the real problem is the system itself, for example recruiting incompetent person, political pressures, corruption….


  5. I was astonished to see how the Police force of Mauritius works…i don’t generalised the matter…!!Accident occur nearly about 12:30PM….4PM still MEGA traffic jam on both lanes!!!Police officers were just “Kas pose”.The police force is not the only one to be blamed…but also the contractor. The way the diversion has been made is just not to the norm…the curve does not respect the speed…they wanted to reduce the speed DRASTICALLY but to there information…they reduces 2 lifes??which means 2 families will suffer from this event in addition the families of the other 5 as well. It’s not the first time that these areas are witnessing such dramatic events…still the personS concerned has not yet reacted….few years back when the NTC bus crashed lead paralysis of the whole motorway, endangered several lifes…today…the event repeats!!!!!!
    The road surfacing program will remain just a DREAM…can you imagine driving on a MOTORWAY…with holes YES HOLES all along the area of Pailles on the road!!!Contractors bid big prices for road surfacing still the quality of work is poor than expected!!!Where are we going finally???


  6. And they tell you massive investment is being undertaken to improve roads that will reduce road accidents but it’s so sad that it’s not the case. That road at that place is very dangerous as well. Buses drive so quick there!!


  7. If u r a good driver…u will drive anywhere watever the route is…the condition is…???
    Being a driver….doesnt mean just abide by the signage & speed limit…it also needs a bit of ur intelligence while driving…
    the missing part being a driver in Mauritius is Respect…respect each other while driving…Give way when necessary…
    i got my license here in Australia…& i drove in Mauritius…i will say “wat’s a fucking big difference…??…we hardly use horn in Australia…In Mauritius,u get horned as well as abused…so stupid…??

    & about the accident…i will blame the driver only…if only if he had reduced his limit…this would perhaps not happen…???

    Re enforcement of the law…Fines & penalties…
    increase speed limit fines up to a price so that people(or even rich people) in mauritius find it hard to pay… if there is need to…suspend license for drivers…

    & STOP CORRUPTION…this will help u(mauritian inhabitant) a lot….
    police should be the one fucking abide to the rule…but when they themselves ,some are corrupted…how can u expect the best….(thats true).

    if u r a good driver…u can drive safely anywhere in any situation…& if u r not sure abt that…get off the wheel…stop putting the life of others at risk…”motherfuckers”


    1. Ayrton Senna was one of the best F1 driver, yet he met a tragedic crash. its not about being a good driver and have some awesome driving skills. what is needed is some realistic and safe infrastructures with some fair decision regarding the safety of citizens which govt lacks. btw do you have a mauritian license? if no, then you are a good driver but with stupid logic.


    2. Do u have 3 consecutive zig zag S curves, where one lane is barely enough for a lorry/bus on a motor way in Australia?
      Dont pretend to be more Australian than Mautitian.


  8. bon mo penC ban contracteur la bizin traC.. coupe ti cash par ici.. coupe ti cash par labas.. pou fer simE la beta.. alerment ine bizin rempli poche ene tas dimoune pou li gagne travay la.. aster aforce donne bribe.. pena aC cash pou fer travay la 🙂


  9. It is a fact that governmental employees are not really recruited based on qualifications/experience/merit.  So those engineers sitting and planning our road layout, we must understand that they are far from being the best heads of our country, just some stupid political protegees who wants their monthly salary.  Nothing will change in our country if we keep going on with this kind of system, more people will just die.


  10. Aster mo trouver ena speed camera(mo pense bien 1 speed camera sa eiinn) laba tou dimoune p faire 40km/h et mem moins ki sa(ena mem 20km/h)!! Mais kan ou fer sa contour la a 40km/h to vehicule res stable net…jamais li pu mortel!! Si tou dimoune ti pu realise sa dpi avan pa ti pu ena tousa accident la!! Nek blame l’autorite pa pu amen ou narien assume ou responsabilite..ena 1 dizaines panneaux ki guide ou laba ki oule plis ki sa..!!


  11. I have always wondered why the roads in Mauritius are NEVER straight?  Even when building new roads they simply enlarge the existing one with no possibility of straightening the bend and curves.  Even the roads in India are straight! 


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