Blowing out 27 candles…

Hello… The day was special, just like the previous years, except for one thing. I stepped onto some dog’s faeces early in the morning before going to work! Can you please stop making that disgusted look please? And stop laughing too.

Fortunately, everything went on smoothly for the rest of the day.

Many thanks to all those who wished me today whether it was on the different social networks (Google+ being the only place where no one wished me), MSN, Skype, SMS and through phone calls.ย I know that many among you had some doubts to wish me after the awesome prank I made on the 22nd August 2011.

Before ending, a very special thanks to my colleagues for the lunch, dessert and birthday cake and also to Dhaneesha for the dinner. And before she kills me, thank you Deepa for the original idea captured above!

You will be served with refreshments, cakes and then redirected to a superb birthday party just after commenting below.


14 thoughts on “Blowing out 27 candles…

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      1. Yash, oh please, why? please be a mauritian, be a man, be diplomatic and of course be kind to humanity. Offering constructive criticism and having guts are rare talents, and a little kindness goes a long way ^^

        haters gonna hate


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