Gato Merveille

Occasionally, I walk to this corner of Port Louis where a woman sells “Gato Merveille” with  some chilli sauce sprinkled over it. After enjoying one of them (one is enough I think), you can cross the road and enjoy a “Glason Raper“. Sad that I have not shot this one today.


Many have been asking me about where the “Gato merveilles” can be purchased. Well, I know only one place in Port Louis (See google map here):


But however, I believe that the best “Gato Merveille” can be tasted in Mahebourg where an old woman spreads a mixture of chilli sauce and tamarind sauce (compote tamarin) over it. If you want to try it, you should easily find her at Mahebourg Waterfront.

They are not expensive (Approx rs10-20) but they will soon be nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, do have a bite.

psst : This post makes me remember this cake  from Rodrigues, aka. the Gato tourner

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  1. wo cool i used to eat that too but not with chilli and tamarin.
    mines were covered with chutney.

    I hear its even better with a creamy mashed potato sauce.

    Hey man btw hope to see an article from you on the bpml slavery fair 😀


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