The power of HD

Everyone was quietly busy working at their work desks when suddenly, the sound of an approaching helicopter could be heard. I was the first one to exclaim “Hey, helicopter p passer! Leve sa!”, referring to the window blinds so that we could actually admire the helicopter from the 17th floor of the building.

Some of us rushed to the large window pane, scanning the sky for the helicopter whose noise could be heard louder and louder. Contrary to us, one of my colleagues, Ashvind, was ROFL’ng in his seat.

At that moment, I understood why but instead of revealing it to the others, I encouraged them to look towards Champs de Mars as helicopters were frequently seen during the evening rehearsals in the event of the 44th anniversary of the Independence and 20th anniversary since Mauritius became a republic. Once the hype was over, everyone was back to their place, a bit deceived for not having seen the helicopter.

And a few seconds after, we cracked the joke. Ashvind was playing the video he recorded the day before with his HTC mobile. Recorded from Champs de Mars, the video features several helicopters, one of which was even flying backwards! The sound quality of the HD video being crystal clear, all of us have been fooled, although unintentionally. This scene could definitely have been an original idea for the video advert of a HD camera or mobile!

At this very moment I am writing this post, the video was not yet uploaded but let’s hope I can provide the link afterwards, else, just watch the celebrations on the 12th March!

Have a nice Friday and a superb long weekend to all !

Il eSt 05:56hrs, mO p eKrir shaa pOst laaa.


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  1. It’s not HD effect bro, its 3D sound effect..HD is for video. For example ipad2 plays HD video but the sound does not meet expectations, its sound quality is worst.  When i was using a Nokia 6270 in year 2006, this effect was present in the mobile…many friends were amazed by the quality of the sound.A racing car 3D ringtone appeared to be a real car on the road passing by….Yes, i agree its a nice advert concept for a HD video with a 3D sound effect.


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