Still remember your first days at school?

While walking to office early this morning, I could not prevent myself from glancing at (not in a bad way!)  the small kids who are probably on their first day at school. While some of them were cheerful and excited with  large smiles on their faces and brand new bags on their backs, a few of them were sulking and cheerless. I was just like these ones.

After hearing all my stories during the past years, I am sure that as a kid, I had grown a strong hatred for the word “school”. I hated it so much that my parents even had to temporarily stop sending me to kindergarten/pre-primary school for the first few months. Later on, I was somewhat like literally dragged to school everyday while I kept crying all the way. Things did not went smooth either at that time as I started talking (real words/sentences) quite late in my childhood as compared to other kids of the same age.

Today, when I hear small kids of 2-3 years talking and nearly behaving like much mature ones (and even handling mobile phones/cameras!), I say wow. Unfortunately, I do not remember much of my childhood but perhaps you will be able to share how were your first days at school?

Let’s see if your memory is better than mine!

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  1. My first day at primary school was a nightmare….didn’t like the environment at all. Besides teachers were strict! As for pre-primary…I have no memory of it but it was most likely that I hated it judging from how I am! 🙂


  2. I have to admit it, in my family (as in many other Mauritian families) school was a solution for parents not wanting to have to spend time looking after you. When I left my village to come to Beau-Bassin, my mother put my big brother in a primary school and on the way back she left me in the first pre-primary one she came by. That’s how it started, no choice.

    At least you got less beaten at school than at home, that was the best thing about it for me.


  3. Pre-primary was fun. I played all day but the uniform was quite uncomfortable. 

    Primary was a NIGHTMARE … I cried all day to go to school for the first 2 years.

    High School was …well…. j’en garde une certaine amertume et beaucoup de tristesse et de regrets aussi. 


  4. “While walking to office early this morning” – Assumption that you got a new job starting 2012…glad to hear about that Yashvin 😉


  5. Most memorable first day was at secondary school: music teacher gives me a nickname that sticks to me to this day. FFFFCK HIM!!

    Wait: School?
    Ah, you mean that prison where they employ teachers with below-average “culture générale” to brainwash you with a syllabus / curriculum from day one to the exams…?
    Yes, been there.

    Pre-primary school – enjoyed it because we were allowed to bring our toys…

    Primary school – great for learning football in quasi-perpetual rain, and the final CPE year was as most memorable as it was painful

    Secondary school forged my character because of the adverse environment: apart from the nickname, all the things I was bullied for were not of my manking, but got bullied just for being different: dark skin with frizzy hair, above average mastery of French language, musical tastes, enthusiasm for non-conventional interests (intellectual masturbation shit like philosophy, astronomy, modern art, etc), anti-macho attitude towards the opposite sex, superior goal-keeping skills but too timid to play for class…

    Tertiary school: what? This thing at Réduit IS an extension of school because of the immature self-imbued pricks and wannabes who are still so obsessed about academic competition that they’ll be unashamed to tear off pages from library books. But was lucky to have the best possible combination of lecturers and class-comrades.

    Would be most happy to blow up that awful academic system at any cost.


  6. primaire was nice! still has the same friends up to now.. even from pre primary actually. secondary, the best days, noune ale preski nou tout dan meme college ou meme “groupe” of colleges.. et uni malheureusement mone tasse dans GGt uom moi.. mias bon mo kntan mone resi ale pli ;loin ki uom.. uom..baah.. nek ene phase damertume dan mo la vie


  7. i remember in primary school, the teacher used to make us recite multiplication tables, i was not one of those who can recall everything by heart, so i adapted by wiriting the whole mulitiplication tables on the chair, lol!! that way when the teacher pointed to me (avec rotin bazar) to recite the multiplication table i used to lower my head and cheated…..hahaha
    i also never did my home works, lol, too busy guet ti komik lakaz, mari batter mo ti pe ggner!!
    apres lageurre dan class, wai mo ti ene mari FELONNE!!(my dad was surprised when i got 4 A’s and a C(oriental language) for CPE, so pronostik ti 3 fisi ek 2 E)


  8. hated first days @ college! used to get bullied and also being criticized for my poor french. mo ti ene pauvre ti gaaaacon dans gawwn ek mo encore rapel mo prof francais critique moi devant classe “mais c’est quoi ce francais mediocre”!! mo encore detester ha prof la! x)

    sinon lecol primaire, gato coco! zuer mayé/police volere ek bane tifis (happy) , zuer boule ziska boule ale dans la cour dimune ek sitant li plein ar nous, li coupe boule la..remember we stole one of his chicken, sold it and bought another ball! 0:)

    aaah lecole!!!

    pre-primary days: ti korek vu ki ti p gagne gato (poppies FTW)


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