Batte so bis!


Try Googling “batte bis” or “bat bis” or “batter bis” or any other equivalent.

No relevant results. (not many)

Not anymore ūüôā
Please allow some time for the Google dwarfs to come over here.

2 objectives behind this post ;

  1. Fill in the gap in Google and other search engines (And hopefully get some additional visits)
  2. Explain the definition of these words frequently used in the creole language.

I think that by writing these words above, I met the first target. So, let’s move on the second one.


Though it might differ lightly for different persons, I will try to convey the basic meaning to you.¬†Phrases that might translate the “Batte bis” expression are :

  • To take advantage of someone (either by using his belongings, grabbing opportunities presented for others)
  • Use someone/something for his/her own ends
  • Tirer¬†profit de quelque chose/quelqu’un


  • Mone batte bis so loto –¬†I took/used his car
  • Faire attention, ene batter bis sa! – Be careful, he can :
    – take advantage of you
    – use you for his own ends

On a side note, the “Kreole morisien” and bhojpuri¬†(remember this discussion?) is now officially used as teaching medium in our schools as from this year.

You can now “batte bis mo blog” to say what you want to share!

Have a rocking weekend!


7 thoughts on “Batte so bis!

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  1. I swear i dint know the meaning ¬†until like 2 yrs ago….i was in mru on hdays n all my cuz use to say that …lol … i had to ask wat they meant by that ^;^ *shy*


  2. Mo ti cwar ki expresyon-la sortt d√©pi sa ‘culture’ col√©zien ki contan batt ravann dan biss san √©na ravann – c-a-d: tapp sofa, d√©ri√©rr dossi√© sofa, la-portt, tiyo-ki-trapp√©-kan-gagn-plass-diboutt, plafond, tou saki capav tap√© pou ferr son kan p√©na ravann. Ek pa bizin dirr ou: pa ziss ar lam√© ki ti p√© tap√© kan nissa-la mont√©, saki ti ena pou rezilta bann domaz ass√© cons√©kan lor tou bann surfass ki’nn servi kom ravann, ek lerr propri√©terr biss ferr l’inventerr ar rekt√©rr, personn pa ti conn√© kouma sa ti ariv√©, m√© tou zanfan l√©kol ti bien amiz√© lor la routt pou al l√©kol…

    Alorss, mo ti ena pliss l’impression ki ‘batt biss’ v√© dirr ‘amiz√© britt san p√©y cons√©kans’.


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