Shame on Nita : Police officer transferred while doing his duty!

“Transfert punitif”.

That is the word used to describe the situation where someone is posted in some other department because of his behavior or action. But unfortunately, this definition now extends to something like “Transfer of someone who rightfully does his duty but prevented to do so by a deputy“.

That’s Mauritius. Nit@ recently intervened when a few police officers were ordering a “Briani” hawker to move away his illegal business from the vicinity of the Municipality of Quatres Bornes. The latter called the deputy who prevented the police officers from doing their duty. Why? I bet you already know.

After the “Micro la pas marser ta p*” episode, we now have another incident which surely will play against the deputy of the Labour Party during the next elections.

You see, being a police officer is not always a pleasure, even though we often criticize the behavior of some of them.

SHAME ON YOU NIT@! The image of politicians got tarnished again.

8 thoughts on “Shame on Nita : Police officer transferred while doing his duty!

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  1. Mo fine tan sa lors radio. Morice per vine 1 pays mari comrompi ek sans la loi. Et c incroyab ki Nit@ pas fine gagne aukaine reprimande de la part de so leaders..
    Meme apres ca incidents la fine passe lors tout zournal ek radio, mo fine re-truv ban marsan briyani la dans les parages HSBC lepok lannee… Ouais do ena certain dimoune intouchables dans maurice.

    Ek largiment Nit@ en plis pas bon. Li dire ki faire la polis per pousse marsan sans permis mais zot pas faire la chasse prostitiés asoir.. mari eroné sa argiment la… logik pas bon ditout.. dimoune couma cav gob ca?

    Eski ca veut dire ki dapré Nit@ mo gagne droit “aret paye mo ban tax” acoz ban prostitiés pas paye taxe? (par examp)

    When was it that 1 wrong makes another wrong right? 


  2. Haha… Dat’s y we should hv changed zis govt in the last elections… Parti Malin C l’avenir.
    BTW no worry people will forget this and vote again for the govt … BAN MORICHIENS TOU LE TEMPS ZOT POU VOTE ZOTE POLITICHIENS ….LOLz


  3. policier bizin leve ene bezE… aparament tou zafer bizin passe par la greve de la faim a morice couma dire pou ki kitsoz fer..

     ‘le rassembleur’ bizin mette ene cracking ek so ban P**


  4. “When was it that 1 wrong makes another wrong right?”

    This question sums up the mentality of Mauritians – if one can do something bad, I can do something ‘badder’. If this is repeated over and over again, imagine the ‘baddest’…

    The best example of this form of ‘reasoning’ is the delaying of municipal elections: Labourites justify it by referring to MMM’s own delaying of these elections at one point in time. Alorss, si swiv sa raisonnement fécal-la, si to voisin manz kk, faudré to ferr pareil??

    And did you hear the deafening silence of the Commissioner of Police on this matter? He is supposed to hold a Constitutional post, and he still chooses to be mute on this unacceptable interference with his business. His silent condoning this is actually weakening the entire police force.

    Ah Dodoland…


  5. Mo penser si la police ti ena syndica pou li, peut etre ti cpav truv lizour dan sa pay la pareil couma la france ek le zot ban pay. Shame on Nita to use her position to diminish the police force.   


  6. That is called sending the a strongt message to a degradation of law and order.  After such issues will any x,y or z close respect policeman and will the policeman be motivated to act knowing  a punitive transfer is awaiting him.  Perception is important..


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