What do you dream to see at Infotech?

For a few minutes, let us just forget the yearly trade fair known as Infotech.

In office this evening, we asked ourselves this simple question :

What would you like to see at Infotech?

Frankly speaking, I have not got an answer till now. As a geek, I read, view and follow the technological advances right from my browser. Internet has become is now part of my life. I have never really felt the need to rush and gaze at gadgets that have been available since months or that are much more than overpriced in Mauritius.

Infotech is for those people who are not internet addicts, those who are amazed to see a touch screen device, those who are stunned by the fact that Orange actually provides up to XMbps/sec and those who simply wish to buy a mobile phone for example.

And how can I forget last year‘s visit? It lasted only 15minutes.

Or the previous years : 2009, 20072006 and 2005.

Save your time and money. Spend the time more wisely instead of being part of the 85, 000 visitors expected. So, don’t come and say (or post on Facebook) that it was not worth the visit or there was nothing new.

18 thoughts on “What do you dream to see at Infotech?

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  1. Same old technologies, some lazy things about 3D(stereoscopy) displays, smartphones and TVs.
    Companies advertising their products, as usual with overpriced. Same as last year, nothing special.


    1. @carrotmadman6:disqus  will be there (I still don’t know why he is going btw). Most probably, he will blog about it. Keep tuned.

      Else, just read the blog posts of the previous years. There won’t be much difference 😛


  2. I am going, mainly because I have nothing else to do and it is an opportunity to view an expo of various brands. Maybe we should spice up the visit by initiating a “hunt the carrotmadman” competition?


  3. What I would like to see:
     – better bus service
     – properly guarded parking
     – proper traffic management
     – free entrance, if it’s not
     – no more paper ads: SMS, MMS, VoiceMail, websites etc are proper IT media for advertising. Paper represents OLD media unfit for CYBER island…
     – proper air conditioning
     – less of gadgetry: cellphone pouches, cable holders, LCD screen cleaning detergents etc are not IT stuff, IMHO
     – IT literate vendors (I’m really day-dreaming…)
     – move the venue every year: is SVICC the only exhibition centre available in this country? Merde! Why not set it up on a beach some day?
     – a voting booth (or by SMS) to ensure that the visitors get to slam those exhibitors which do not perform and that organisers bar them from coming in again.
     – safe food vendors
     – clean toilets
     – sitting / rest areas

    Ah, I forgot: I don’t go there any more…


  4. What I would like:

    Some massive and ossom give aways by brand leaders like apple with their iPad, iPhone, MacBook air. Samsung with their galaxy tab,galaxy phone. Razor with their ossom keyboard & mouse. Asus wipth their laptops and transformer pad. Etc etc

    Super promo only valid for at infotech only.
    50% off on retail price.. Etc etc

    Hummm a proper demo area for IT suff still in development or in the pipeline.
    The thing that will be the future smartphone or future pad.


  5. The previous Infotech editions held at Mer Rouge was a zillion times much better than the Infotech at Pailles. There were few booth babes back then, but who cares; the number and diversity of technological innovations and gadgets demonstrated there was enough for instant jizzing without fapping. Who still remembers? 


  6. Got there yesterday. Nothing special at all, no new smartphones, same old computer parts.
    The salespersons there seemed like real noobs unaware of their own product specifications, seems they just wanted to ‘show off’ their supposedly ‘new technologies’ which are in fact few years old.
    As usual lot of companies including Orange were advertising their services.
    In short words Infotech 2011 was just a Fail.


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