Price of ADSL goes down but not that of myT

MyT users should stop reading right now because they will be somewhat angry, especially when they will read what Mauritius Telecom said regarding the myT service.

As you read in the title, the price is going down as follows, as from 1st Dec 2011 :


  • 256 Kb/s : From Rs399 to Rs 349.
  • 512 Kb/s : From Rs759 to Rs 699
  • 1 Mb/s : From 899 to Rs 799

Small and Medium Enterprises will get a decrease of %50 while Call Centers(BPO) from -10 to -40% and ADSL Business gets a discount of -50%.

btw, @Defimedia : you got your figures wrong! Double check next time!

Coming back to myT subscribers, I quote from l’ :

S’agissant de My.T, ce service de Mauritius Telecom permettant à la fois de téléphoner, de visionner les films et de surfer sur Internet, il n’y aura aucune réduction des tarifs.

Price update for myT (Announced on 28 Nov 2011) :

  • 1M – from Rs999 to Rs 949
  • 2M – from Rs1699 to Rs 1499
  • 4M – from Rs 2999 to Rs 2499

In my opinion, if you don’t mass download like most of your friends, or you don’t use your myT to watch TNT or do international calls, the best thing to do is to buy a wifi router, connect it to a 256K ADSL line, that’s it. You can enjoy wifi as well as a much lower price.

However, be careful, you might need a permit from ICTA in case you are shopping online!

btw, always keep in mind : price might decrease but the speed will still s*ck, as well as some of their technicians and their customer care hotline!

With these words, I wish you a happy weekend ahead!

Have a nice time!

26 thoughts on “Price of ADSL goes down but not that of myT

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  1. I don’t care… I want speed to go up 2x again. Or 4x. Give me 2-4Mbps for Rs. 800 and it’d be a lot better imho.

    What’s the point of having a Rs. 50 connection that I can hardly use for anything useful?


  2. tou sa tapaz Ministre la in faire. nek pou adsl so prix decrease.  sa osi kot most of the peps uses myT. Nice try Orange. . Aret prnd dimoune pou gopia!


  3. *rolling drums*

    i’ve been pawned.. AGAIN…

    why? – im currently on MyT 512k [the one which is already extinct except for the few people who was lazy to downgrade to ADSL 512k] to have a price change.



  4. Since when does ADSL have 1M package? I thought i was still stuck at 512Kbps.  And the prices are going down. Wow. that’s rare but its actually a very good news. 


    1. Orange discreetly introduced this package, probably to escape the Competition Commission.

      But I don’t care. Why can’t I have 2Mbps ADSL? 4Mbps ADSL? If businesses can have it, why can’t I? Why do I need to use MyT?


      1. ADSL 1M was here for quite a long period of time, proof i am using adsl 1m for more than 2 years. I think it was introduced at the same time myt 1M, when all internet connection(home) has gone 2x for the same price (Initially i was on the 512 package). Well to sum up, orange strategy was to lure people to buy its myt packages rather than adsl ones (you can guess why the CCC is investigating on myt…). since the last price review was favoring myt users as opposed to adsl users. for the same connection speed myt was cheaper than adsl which is not normal since myt offers other services as well. The current price review is more like to adjust the balance in prices of adsl so as to keep the CCC of their trail on the competition law concerning myt and adsl. If you think logically, myt should be slightly more expensive than adsl to be fair…


    2. Its quite a good news. We, who are paying Rs760 for that ADSL 512kbps package just have to upgrade to double the speed for just +Rs40 more.
      Still, I hoped they’d just double the speed without asking.


  5. ADSL 512K price does not represent any value for money… ADSL 1M is only Rs100 more expensive, but it’s speed is double.. hhmmm… Bad deal for us customers who are ‘forced’ to take the ADSL 512K package… 


    1. Of course 🙂

      Our dear blogger friend  @carrotmadman6:twitter   wrote about this some time back. Head over to his blog :


  6. Dear Orange Mauritius, thanks for bringing back the nostalgia of those childhood days; when kids used to play yo-yo. 😛 #Sarcasm


  7. @Carrotmadman6:disqus  has written a wikipedia-like post on the price change and the history behind.Highly recommended to drive to his blog on


  8. Concerning your post, why you said we need ICTA permit for shopping online? Does that include any new goods purchased on eBay/Amazon for personal use?


  9. Still too expensive for me.
    Will continue using Emtel’s dongle as long as MT’s offers continue to be unfair (especially with that “Fair Usage Policy” crap).
    I’m tempted to tell all people reading this to raise their two middle fingers (those of the feet as well, if they can…) when passing in front of MT’s buildings, or instead of ‘bonzour’ to say ‘fuck you’ to MT phone operators when they happen to take calls, but I will not.


  10. Orange sucks. I have a daily issue, everyday or I should say everynight around 22.00 @ Home Connectivity = NULL. When I wake up its OK. I phone 8902 so many times, their techies come at my place in the day time, when everything works fine. I explained to them the issue is a night. The thing is all my neighbours connectivity is there, I can see all Wireless Networks @ night except mine. This issue has been going on for months now. I got a call today @ 8 pm. I was asked whether my connectivity was established, I said yes, she  told me thats good, this issue is now solved. I told her wait a minute I never had connectivity issues @ 8.00 but I have them past 22.00. I asked them to change my Livebox. It seems its something they never do as there is no valid reason to change a livebox which works in front of their techies. I am fed up. I am thinking of sueing the


    1. Invite bane technicians la pu ene plan boire kot toi. kouma arrive 22hrs, faire zotte check connection, et 2205, dir zotte al lakaaz 😛
      As for changing the livebox, I heard similar problems. They are very reluctant to do that, despite you may be facing many problems.


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